Welcome new players!

Hey guys, Mishka here. Howdy new players! Welcome to OrbusVR! As I’m sure you already found out (or will soon), the tutorial in-game can be quite lacking. Trust me, I get it. After 4,300 hours in game, I’ve got the answers. Here’s an FAQ for you :slight_smile:

Q: I just created a character. Now what?

A: Go find the NPC named Randall. You should spawn close to him. To talk to him, wave your hand in his face. Kinda rude, NPCs like that apparently. Just don’t do that to other players because…you know… personal space lol.

Q: I picked the wrong class. Should I restart and make a new character?

A: No need. To switch classes, you just switch weapons. You can grab all the weapons from the Beginner NPC by Randall.

Q: How do I-

A: Stop right there. Look at your left shoulder. There should be a compass. Grab it. Flip it upside down. Tada! You just learned about your journal! Flip to the back of the journal and there will be information about your class.

Q: Okay, that helped, but how do I-

A: Before you go any further, open your menu in game. Click on the button that looks like an “i”. There’s information there. I’d say about 90% of players don’t know that. Between reading the back of your journal and reading the information there, you’ll be about a million steps ahead of the curve.

Q: I talked to Darius but didn’t read through because reading sucks and I’m here to kill stuff.

A: Ya, me too lol. I don’t blame you in the slightest. Ask around town for an NPC named “Darius” and wave at him. You can get some missions there. One of them will be to kill “Sapling Stafrushers”. Those are the little stick guys right outside of the gates of Highsteppe. That’s a great starting point :slight_smile:

Q: What is there to do anyway?

A: There are 7 NPCs that have missions for you (Darius, Pierre Cenn, Mayor Kaia, Sicilus, Whisper, Marlowe, and Chef Lethrow). They’ll have missions for you based on your level. You can also check out the four dungeons in Highsteppe (at the base of the tree), although I recommend getting a group of 5 together for that. There’s also public events out and about throughout the world!

Q: The game keeps forgetting what level I am.

A: Each class levels up separately from the others. You can be a level 30 (max) Warrior and a level 1 Mage, for example. When you switch back to Warrior, you’ll be level 30 again.

Q: I’m moving slow. What gives?

A: First thing to check is your inventory. Look at the weight. Are you over encumbered? If that’s not the case, you’ve encountered a very common bug! The way to fix it is simply by killing something else :slight_smile: There is a “stuck combat” button in the menu, but that’s a dice roll as to whether it’ll actually work.

Q: Mage spells aren’t working/I think my mage is bugged/they should make mage more forgiving.

A: I could (and have) write an essay about mage and why it is the way it is. Long story short, after 4 years of the game being out, spell casting is where it should be. Yes, it’s balanced. Yes, it’s working. Yes, it’s super difficult. The mages you see spamming spells have spent hundreds of hours practicing. It’s…a very abstract skill.

Q: Why do I keep dying in battle? A single enemy murdered me!

A: OrbusVR is a very unforgiving place when it comes to combat. At the start, a single enemy can prove quite challenging. I recommend not pulling multiple enemies at the start if you can avoid it. You will die in this game, quite often. There’s something about dying in VR vs dying in pancake games, where taking it here can kinda be more intense/personal. I kinda want to look into the psychology of that, but that’s another story altogether :smiley:

Q: What do I do about that player over there being a jerk?

A: Open your menu. Click the top button. It’ll show nearby players. Click their name. Mute them, then report them. Yes, report them. Show no mercy to trolls and jerkfaces. The OrbusVR community is overwhelmingly positive and friendly. We take care of each other here :heart:

Q: If I’m playing on Quest/Index/Vive/Google Cardboard/N64, can I play with my friend who’s on the XYZ?

A: All players play on the same server. Although if you’re playing on the N64 or Google Cardboard, hit me up.

Q: Where do I sell my gear?

A: Old armor/weapons should be broken down into shards. Click on them in your inventory, then click the breakdown button. I know, but I promise you’ll get a Minor shard or Major shard out of it. You can sell those to the merchants around town. Alchemy ingredients can be sold without breaking them down.

Q: Why can’t I trade with others?

A: A few potential reasons. You may be severely over encumbered, in which case you can’t trade with other players. There’s a reason for this. At least, I assume there is. I just don’t know what it is. The other reason could be that you have a Trickster Token. Those prevent you from trading. If all else fails, relog.

Q: I’m lost! What do I do?

A: Whether you wandered a little further than you’re used to, or you went through a teleport pillar you saw, don’t worry! First thing to do is check your inventory for an item called a Home Teleport Device (or something along those lines). Equip it in your tool slot and hold it in your hand. It’ll teleport you back to your house in Highsteppe. If you don’t see one, you can ask here in the forums or on the Discord for help and a level 30 player will almost certainly be willing to help you.

Q: Why aren’t enemies dropping loot/XP?

A: Check how many people are in your party. If there’s over 5, you don’t get loot/XP.

Welcome to the community :slight_smile: If you ever need help, feel free to reach out to most anybody. I’ve also got over one hundred video tutorial on Orbus. If you prefer video tutorials to reading, your questions have likely been answered here: PKIllusion1 - YouTube

Happy hunting, new friends. See you in Highsteppe soon :slight_smile:


Indeed!!! Welcome!!! We are all looking forward to getting to know you.

In addition to @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka 's intel above (thank you for thinking of putting all that up), we have a wonderful wiki filled with good stuff you need to know. :slight_smile:


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Another reason you may not be able to trade is if you’re playing in the demo (free) version of the game - I believe trading is locked in that version? :upside_down_face:

  • You can also sign up for dungeons via the menu which is quite convenient and a good way to meet new people and learn about the game. You do need to be a minimum of level 8 before you are able to do this though, if i remember correctly :slight_smile:
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That dungeon ready thing was a hold over from Preborn, before level scaling was a thing. The first dungeon back then was designed for level 8 players. A lot of players nowadays recommend waiting until level 5 or 10 so they get their first talent or two though :slight_smile:

Ah, that makes sense.

Either way, it’s good for a new player to get at least a minimum of a grasp on their preferred role before queuing up for a dungeon run with random people, wether that be early or later on :slight_smile:


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