Were you just at the interview? How was voice chat?

Hey there! So I just did an hour+ long interview in-game with MasterShadow (which I’m sure he’ll post here when it’s ready to show), and there was a small 10-15 person audience that was able to come by and watch which was great. I was just curious to hear how the voice chat was for you all when you were listening to MasterShadow and myself talking.

For me it was pretty solid. There were about 2-3 cut-outs in around 2 hours of conversation, and other than that I thought it sounded good. But I was also the one doing a lot of the talking, so I thought this was a good opportunity to get feedback from a wide range of folks where we were all there experiencing the same thing to control for other variables.

So if you were in the audience just now, please let me know how you felt the voice chat was. Overall did you feel comfortable listening to me and feel like you could understand me easily? Was it cutting out a lot for you? Etc.


There was brief moment when you became completely silent. Your hands were moving, and you were clearly talking, but I couldn’t hear anything. It was only for around 15-20 seconds or so, and your audio came back up mid-sentance. But it seemed to be only my end, since no one else commented on it.

There was like 2 times when i couldn’t hear you but Shadow did (silent, without cut-out). I heard the same cut-outs as you and Shadow.

I was not there for the full interview but for the short duration I was there if a cut few times. It can be because im from Sweden so its a big gap from where the servers are`?? I am on a 100/100 fiber broadband so I should not have any problems on my end except my mic not working… xD

// Zoki

It was solid for the most part. A couple brief moments of silence from you and Shadow and once or twice your voice cut in and out for a few seconds but overall it was great. Easy to hear from everywhere I sat. HUGE improvement over the last interview :stuck_out_tongue:

There were definitely some issues. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t usually follow the conversation. But I feel like it’s definitely something that should be addressed before EA launch if possible because the social aspect of the game is huge. A large portion of time is going to be spent explaining things to other players, having general social conversations, and it takes away from the immersion when it cuts out.

Can you be more specific? Like, it was cutting out for you every 5 minutes for 10 seconds, it was choppy…?

I didn’t have any problems talking to you for the 10-15 minutes we chatted before MasterShadow showed up and I had no problems at all hearing your questions when you asked them during the interview, so just curious what specifically you were running into. Sorry if you were having problems!

Well it wasn’t a huge issue. Some times would be worse than others. Maybe once every 5 minutes on average? Just enough that I noticed it.

Interesting, okay. Thanks for letting me know!

So the audio packets are sent “best effort”, if one doesn’t make it they aren’t resent, so if there is packet loss it could cause the to happen. That said I think there are some more things I can do on our end to help so I will work on that.

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Was not there for the full interview. Had two minor stutters but could still understand you. The rest of the time I could hear both of you very clearly.

Heard almost everything clearly, a few sound cut-outs as you mentioned but otherwise good :slight_smile:

I was there. Only heard one break up from the question guy. The dev didn’t break up for me, my game always crashes after 20-25 minutes so I just went to bed :smiley:

In the beginning while you were setting up it was cutting out very often. The last half was pretty much perfect If i remember correctly. I do however notice a lot of cutting in and out when people talk in the world.

Just some minor cut outs. Nothing major. Great interview! Hope we get them beards lol.

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