What am I doing wrong here? Changing weapons

Alright. My hands work. Yay!

I can only seem to use the bow and arrow. I can find my inventory and get weapons into any slots (a sword on the head is entertaining…) but I can’t get the weapons to show up in my hands.

I also found a boar and I can’t get an arrow to register at all when I appear to have hit him.

I see the 4 icons around the bow but can’t seem to interact with them. Feeling like a doofus over here since I see a lot of people with other weaponry. What am I doing wrong?! :slight_smile:

Also - I love the trackpad locomotion. That is slick, thank you.

Hmmm…you definitely shouldn’t be able to put a sword onto your head! Haha…

It sounds like maybe you have a bad connection or something. There is a new build coming out here shortly that should fix it. Keep an eye on the other thread.

Just checking in on you…did 0.30 fix it?

Thanks @Riley_D! Looking forward to it. I’ve definitely struggled learning the mechanics of some games so I thought for sure this was PEBKAC. Will try with the new build!

… and it works now. Freaking blast - if it hadn’t crashed I would be MIA from work right now. Looking forward to seeing this developer. 5 years in EQ and 4 in WoW - is Orbus my next life?! :wink:

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