What Id like to see re implemented from Old School

I would like to see Boss 5 from the Old School raid be implemented into Reborn. He could be a final boss in a dungeon or even maaaybeee a world boss. Could bring back Boss 4 as well and make a 10 person dungeon fighting Boss 4 then Boss 5. Would be pretty epic if you ask me and those two bosses really required everyone to be on their feet and were very interactive and I just loved them both. Dealing with the bells and two bosses at once, then Boss 5 taking people to “Hell” since you brought back spiro might as well revamp the old raid gears and use them as drops.

Second thing I would like to see brought back is the triple boss from desert crypt. Loved being decurse mage and having to time the kill just right. I liked the old dragon boss but I wish it had a point(s) where it would fly up and around where we can still damage it but we have to hit it first obviously, in those points little dragons could come at us all three types and all sorts of colors or even all the same color would still be awesome.

I would like to see level scaling go away. The wilds would be nice too.


Level scaling is just meh and taking it out would really bring back the adventure bc you could go out and grind killing mobs in different areas as you would have to in order to level up.

Yes please bring the wilds back that forces world pvp with the best loot there can be! I loved that concept of the wilds. Could bring back the desert as a wilds area.

Wouldn’t also mind seeing lamavora Hotsprings and the village on top of the mountain you had to “ride a balloon” to get to the top. I forget the name of it. I would love to see lake wood inn return considering that is where old school players and devs celebrated the final moments of old school Orbus.


I would like to see normal mountains and scenery come back.
-Another city like guild city with stalls for the market. In fact many little villages like we used to have with stalls.
-I’d like to see the airship come back,
-Frosted spit
-Wilds and the trickster’s chest
-mountain climbing
-all the cool mobs, like the spiders, crabs, aberrations, ghosts, rabbits, the dragon at highsteppe…
-I miss the runemage contest and I think it should be expanded to all classes
-The burning forest and their mobs were really cool. (as well as the pigs in the very next zone by the dungeon)
-hidden places like where the hidden room was under Matt’s Keep.
-I wish I could walk into highsteppe like we used to (especially since playing while sitting, makes it super hard to open doors all the time. I hit a wall, then I have to wiggle my way closer to the door somehow so I can reach the door handle, and sometimes I end up through the wall…)
-spider island was a really neat place to play and kill stuff.
-Runes so I can teleport directly to spots like we used to rather than having to find a pillar
-Hidden places that we can find with the Ithacac potion, I checked the new world and I have found nothing…
-The wall of door labyrinth in the desert was also really cool, it’d be nice to see a new variation of that
-The guards that come after you when you come out of the wilds
-Old kingsport was a nice place (could have been more functional, but)
-The Zoo, just before frosted spit
-The startup area for new players that used to be above highsteppe
-The hanging village above lamavora
-The Chudkatet’s… (If I even spelled that right)
-the equipment looked WAYYYY more badass!
-the weapons, potions were less broken and alot more evenly distributed
-the raids and dungeons/bosses/strats
-most of all, the rewards we used to get after doing all that hard work!

Level scaling needs to go away!

…Man I miss the whole game!
This a start for my list…


my list is
mob variety
wilds including trickster chest


The desert and Chudkatet should totally come back but as a hidden quest!


I agree with all of it … which is most of OG.
I think if I can narrow it down the thing I miss most is grass and the sense of clutter that made places felt loved in. (Ha auto correct. Lived* , but loved also fits)

With the optimization for quest the land feels sterilized and streamlined which takes away something special.

I would like ultra mode to bring back all the grass and flowers. I want lamavora to be a sea of purples again … I want the rainforest to be waiving grassland , I want the wasteland to be snow/ash covered. I want the ground textures back.

OG orbus when you looked down the grass had painted grass and 2d Sprite grass and I LOVED IT.
There were little 2d Sprite flowers intermixed out by the farm.

In the desert the sand texture looked like sand.
On paths the dirt texture looked like dirt.

I would probably hang out in orbus like I use to if you released a high res texture pack with all OG assets replacing the default ground assets.

I want my OG player house basement back.

And I want the old dungeons back even the worst of the OG dungeons were enjoyable with a group of friends bickering about it.

Toss the OG dungeons in the dungeon finder as rare drops. I could see myself queuing more if I might get a mayo run out of it.

I would like it even more if you let us dive thru the event portal at the top of the hill and enter a shadowy version of a random OG area and have to fight thru buffed versions of original mobs and make it to the area dungeon and clear the dungeon to progress and close the rift / portal.
Getting shadow touched versions of normal loot.

That would be a fun random event that would get me camping the portal spawns.

(No idea how easy or difficult that would be. )

Thanks for listening.


I really love the way you put that, you have literally summed all the forgotten loved things about the OG orbus! You make the game sound magical again and that is truly missing!


Couldn’t have said it any better man that was spot on. I couldn’t agree more with the portal event, it sounds way more awesome than the current portal event, no offense Devs bc it’s one of my favorites but it’s just the easiest event to do and this would make it the hardest and I love a challenge.

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