What specs should I have to play the game normally?

I started up the game but its was pretty choppy with the movements but Steam VR said I was still good at 90fps and the opening video was also choppy. I turned the graphics setting to the lowest which helped but you can still see the slight choppiness to the hand movements.
Im running a gtx 1060 6gb GPU and a Ryzen 1700x cpu. No other programs were open at the time either.

You definitely shouldn’t be getting choppiness in hand movements at that setup I don’t think on Low. What part of the world are you in? The tutorial zone?

It’s interesting that Steam says it’s at 90 FPS…

I was in the tutorial zone getting those choppy frames also I do have my Super Sampling settings at 2.5 if that might be causing the problems

Yes definitely turn that down to 1.0. People have issues with SuperSampling and this game for some reason. We have built-in anti-aliasing at the higher Graphical settings anyway so it’s not as needed.

I’m getting the same exact choppiness. no matter where in the world I am. My rig is a bit better switching to low graphics settings didn’t fix the problem.

Where do I turn down super sampling? Or hell even check to see what I’m set at?

Ok I will change the super sampling back to the default.
Its under the Developer settings of the Vive settings

I’m running an oculus rift

I cant help you with that then. Oculus must have settings somewhere

I’ll poke around thanks

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