What the Game Needs


First off, I would like to start by saying I absolutely love the direction the game is heading. I think that they have made some awesome changes as far as looks and player engagement go.

However, I do have a few things that I believe this game would absolutely thrive on.


I Love that the Battlegrounds are more prominent, as well as World PVP. BUT~! Let me be clear, there absolutely needs to be some sort of ranking system implemented. My buddy and I love this game, have an absolute blast being goofballs in town and playing the game. We were having a great time in the pvp as well until we began to notice that we kept getting our guts stomped in by the same group of people constantly. I don’t know if this is some sort of glitch with casters but spitting out level 3 spells in a machine gun fashion doesn’t seem right to me. If they’re legit casting then these sort of elitist need to be playing against their own band of elites. PVP seems to be in a bottleneck of you’re literally never gonna win so, dont waste your time.


I love that I have weekly quests to do now with the game, really helps anyone trying to level an additional class or gaining any levels at all for that matter. I think that this was an excellent move for the developers as it seems that I always have things to do now. However, my issue is I don’t have a storyline anymore. I was getting into the storyline in the last iteration of the game and I felt like I had some sense of what was happening in the game, but now… all I know is here are some weekly quests, knock yourself out.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the game but it doesn’t really feel like I have much of a direction besides hoping I can catch some public events and getting my weekly quests. I think the game would definitely benefit from bringing back that storyline and not trying to have some “lore quests” that really don’t explain much at all.

I’d love to see these changes.


:broken_heart: a lot of hard work and dedication goes into that level of mage skill. We’ve had some decent discussions regarding pre-formed parties and how to approach Battlegrounds, though. There’s definitely room for improvement to ease what many are feeling. It also might be the level 30 talent you’re witnessing. Probably a mix of both :thinking: I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a new dedicated group to do an 80s montage and give them a run for their money! Silliness aside, it has been acknowledged as not currently less-than-hardcore friendly.

As for the quests / storyline, have you seen the latest dev blog? :smile: First installment of a new questline around June 11th :smile:

Aside from Lore Quests, have you read anything in your player house library?

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Coincidentally, we are just discussing this issue in this thread here: Done with PvP for now

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In case you did not find the lore quests which kinda provide one or rather several of these, they are hidden behind the green speech-bubble icons in the npc-menus. There are considerations already to make em more visible… more is yet-to-come as Airis told.

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