When is fishing getting an update?

(from this post Lvl requirements - #6 by Riley_D)

So it is planned that the fishing system will get more additions, no doubt about that. My question is however, when are any additions to the fishing system planned? No changes are planned to the fishing system as far as I can find in the first 3 content patches. So the question is, are there any plans yet on how far in the future the fishing will get some love? Additions like gear, different rods, certain fish you could only catch at night, etc.

I just want them to fix three things:

Different fish should give varying XP, are certain fish level locked? I don’t know of any use for my fishing level atm.

I wish that the higher your fishing level, the more quickly a fish will bite on the rod. At level 5 it feels just as slow as level 1.

I want to see people’s lines! This part especially feels unfinished.

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I Heard something about more stamina on the line itself with the better rods. im sure they will Cook up something nice for us regarding the levels itself though!

The plan is to squeeze it into one of the planned Content Patches. We just hit the highlights of those in the blog post not every detail.


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