When Lagging the UI messes up

This may already be a tracked bug, but when either the server or the client is lagging the UI looks jumbled and can’t read tool tips, stats, etc. This needs to always remain working 100% as when it happens I might be grinding mobs and looking for loot and I can’t see the stats on the loot to determine if i should wear it or break it down.

So that’s caused by the Asynchronous Time Warp kicking in on Rift. So it’s client-side graphical lag. You can try turning your graphics down a little more to help with it right now. Are you in Highsteppe or that area or someplace else?

I don’t think it is location specific as it has happened in the rainforest, desert, burning forest, swine area, etc… I have had issues on standard / high settings.

Okay. Yeah I think that’s what it is, anyway. I am trying to figure out how to get the Rift not to do ASW on that part of the game (if that’s even possible). someone else I think mentioned it was happening when they had a Fish Scent Attractor potion equipped…I don’t suppose you do too? Haha

a what… ? I have not had such an experience with an air freshener yet… HAHA

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