Where can I find out "how to" cast spells? (Runemage) I know them but that doesn't mean they cast...


Hellooo, I’m playing on the demo (wonderful idea btw) I would love to buy the game it seems like the community is a lot larger than it used to be but I refuse unless I can understand the casting better. I’ve asked around, I’ve looked at videos (old ones mainly but a few new-ish ones) and everything around casting seems to be speculation really… Obviously the etches on the pillars aren’t a good representation of what you need to do. I’ve noticed that there are “shortcuts” (glitches that will be patched?? or??) But above ALL else it seems like what is “need” for a spell to be considered as acceptable seems to be open to discussion… Has the devs released any detailed info on this at all? Or a hardcore player??

From what I’ve read there are quite a few things people consider to be accounted for and of course I’m sure some are old and now irrelevant and some are new and maybe not well known. Can anyone help clarify what the heck is going on behind the scene?

Things I’ve read/heard so far:

-The symbol you draw needs to be flat aka 2D (this confuses me b/c I’ve gotten MANY Firebolt 2 B’s that the bottom is slightly closer to me than the upwards part and it casts, or the whole B is rather curved if you looked at it from the side. So if this is the case, how much margin is there given for error here?)

-The angle of your headset in relation to the spell, meaning if your spell is flat on a table you need to look straight down or it fails no matter how perfect (Seems to be a new mechanic yes?? This seems to be my biggest problem as I wear my headset kinda slanted and I’m sure I look down anyways)

-Portions (again how much room for error because sometimes you can cast a B with the top curve further extended than bottom and it casts and vise-versa)

I feel like there were a few others as well but I can’t seem to remember/find them anyways sorry for such a long post but I don’t understand how repetition is going to help if I don’t have a clue where I need to improve on or even what there is to improve on. Any video/forum/image links that already explain all this have eluded me so if one exists I’m terribly sorry and eternally greatfull to whom ever provides a link.

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its tough and it takes practice. A bunch of us have different tutorial videos. heres an old one:


Actually if you are new, they are. Shortcuts are only working, because they do trigger the basic figures. They won’t be ‘patched’ if they work because that basically meant to patch the whole original spell along with it (and there was never a consideration like that; if you do shortcuts you just found out how to do same faster, mostly with fewer lines hitting the “important” spots and curves, which is fine and normally shortcuts also need to be much more “perfect” than the full drawing to really register).

Other than that, yes, spells should be as flat as possible, in the beginning it helps to stretch out your arm fully to achieve that.
And theory doesn’t really help too much imo, watch some videos or look at pictures of the shortcuts and then practice, practice, practice is all you need, some people are more comfortable with some shortcuts than others and some indeed use the “basic” drawings, still.
Some you can draw really sloppily and they still work.

Not sure what you mean. In dungeons you don’t look down normally, once you are experienced you can cast without looking, it’s all in the muscle memory. Shouldn’t matter at all where you look EXCEPT you are on a Quest or Rift S where I noticed you should have a greater distance to the headset with your hands else you loose tracking, but that can also be achieved without moving the headset itself aka looking at your hands.


So I should be able to draw a flat spell look the opposite way and activate it np, or say inspect it by walking behind it and it should still activate yes?


Again not sure what you mean… if you practice, walking behind it to check is a good method to figure mechanics. You won’t do that in a fight or so, though or when practicing to chain-cast.


The first thing I notice is the B’s in this video are all over the place… Is there any kind of reference to what the key points we are trying to hit are?? I thought the middle of the B and the bottom always had to cross/touch the straight line part or it would fail but this clearly shows otherwise


Yeah I’m just referring to practice. someone said for example that if I drew my spell across the x axis (like as if I was writing on a table) I would need to look directly down at the X axis when casting or it would fail. I was trying to find out if this was true or not b/c I’ve seen a few (older) videos where people wouldn’t do such things and it would cast. You’ve cleared it up though I believe


Practice practice practice. Spend hours and hours in your player house attempting to cast the same spell over and over, until you finally get the muscle memory down. Runemage is very frustrating, even when you can get the spells 8/10 times, because there are still those times, especially when your arm gets tired, that your spell fails to cast 10+ times in a row lol. I hope you get to being a better caster sooner rather than later!


no i get that, i’ve already logged 10hrs in my house casting lol i just dont know what to improve because im not sure what im doing wrong


Number 1 tip for Mage: Practice makes perfect. I recommend starting off learning the runes how they are mean’t to be cast. After you have these down, then you should move on to shortcuts.

Number 2 tip for Mage: Hold your wand close to your body to maintain control over it. Extending your arm all the way out helps the get the 2d plane correct of course, but this is hardly practical in any combat situation (difficult to control and maintain).

Number 3 tip for Mage: Always look straight forward. A common thing that I see new mages doing is looking towards the ground while they are trying to cast forward. The problem with this is that you have to be facing the spell while you are drawing it for the game to recognize the drawing correctly.

If you are following these tips and still having trouble, then it is just a matter of practice.

A good way to pick up on spell casting is by watching video of end game players. J has already posted a video above.

Here is a video of me casting on an average day. ^^

(The reason I recommend learning the original runes before starting on shortcuts is because most spells have certain parts that are more important that others. EX: On the B the only thing that matters are your proportions. If you learn the basic rune first, then you will be able to pick up on these important features. Once you have these important features down, shortcuts will work much better for you.


If you draw a rune correctly walk away turn upside down do a backflip and then activate the rune it will still cast.

the problem you are probably having is drawing the rune flat.

the shortcuts probably won’t ever be patched (Riley has mentioned this before) as they aren’t bugs per se. they are emerged play from the check system and have become a major part of the game.

I would start by looking at one of the casting wiki’s online rather than the pillars in game…some of the shortcuts are EXTREMELY significant, but the long forms do work. Affliction 2 is probably the one that is most notorious for this. after looking at the wikis I would go to youtube and watch some casting tutorials which will give you some tips and more shortcuts.

then you need to practice. practice. practice. Its true that you get less lag in your house so it can be a great spot to drill yourself, but you should try practicing in highstep or the newbie yard right outside. there are always players hanging out there who will give you some tips if you have a question.

my experience is that usually each player has a particular spell that they struggle on. lots have trouble with affliction or frost 2. some struggle on a different one. in the end it really is just practice and asking folks for help, which is actually a major part of the game if you want to be a mage.

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Like everyone else has said, practice makes perfect. I usually like to trace the runes in the book if I’m having trouble because they are usually a bit more accurate than the pillars. I’ve also noticed that in some areas, the direction your facing matters. I can be facing one direction and fail my best spell 20 times in a row, then turn a little bit and get it right 20 times in a row. Also, just walk around a bit. I frequently see groups of noobs gathered around a veteran or two learning how to cast high difficulty spells. Most of the people in game are super nice and are always willing to help.

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This is an old one that I did. The spells are the same though. Sorry my music is loud.

I also wanted to add that your posture is important. I have a bad habit of popping my head forward. That effects the casting. Lol never expected the game to improve my posture but.

Okay guys for anyone following (if there is any lol) I have learned a few things.

So the angle of your headset does not seem to matter at all (while a few on here are saying maybe a certain direction in a certain area might? overall it doesn’t/isn’t supposed to) that IS important so my educated guess is say forward we consider that 90 Degrees, if you are looking say 75 instead you might try to draw your spell on that 75 degree plane since that is what will look flat to you. THIS might be where the confusion on that myth comes from. I have recently mastered the B (in my own way) and in doing so was able to do like @John_T1 said and walk to the side of my spell and behind it casting there both of which “passed.” SO if you are having troubles it IS OKAY to draw your B (or whatever spell) and then walk to the side/behind inspect the hell out of it and know what it REALLY looks like. So you can see just how not flat your spell is.

Secondly, there seems to be shortcuts that, when done need to be more “accurately casted” (i’m guessing this mean more true to the proportions and angles) than the original ones in your book. I too used the book to (at a 90 degree so standing straight up) to cast some of the spells I couldn’t get a flow/feel for this helped me with my motion and I suggest anyone having trouble do the same. However it does feel like a few shortcuts are WAY easier to accomplish than it’s original (such as frost lance)

Lastly, proportions proportions proportions. Okay so it seems that my biggest issue wasn’t drawing on the 2D plane but instead the proportions of each spell EX. If I want to start resurrection, my line through the middle was too short! That sucker needs to be SUPER long (in comparison to the rest of the sideways M) so if you feel like you’ve mastered your 2D plane yet still can’t figure out WTH is going on this is most likely your issue. Now you can just simply keep trying (trial & error does take awhile but like everyone has said practice practice practice) OR you can find someone (I would suggest someone you see cast at least a few different spells in rapid succession) and ask them what proportion of your spell seems wrong. If they can’t find one most likely the problem is an angle/curve or 2D issue.

I would like to thank everyone who’s replied here as most if not all of you helped me have a greater understanding of the underlying mechanics and I know the easy answer could have just been practice which I’m sure would have paid off in a few weeks but instead paid off over night! (I have bought the game I thank you but my wallet does not! ((at least it was on sale!!)))

I would now like to thank the two guys I owe the BIGGEST thank you’s too @DrDidact of Fellowship Eleven Brotherhood (ik it’s wrong Didact mb man hmu here or discord I’ll change it!!) and (can’t @ him here but) IGN: SirSchmoopy of Fellowship Kárma

If anyone wishes to know my IGN is WhitleySchnee I’m friendly and can share/discuss this in-game too


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I’m just getting around to watching this, but THIS some good content and seems to be exactly what the nub needs! Thank you!! (I too am a lover of music so no worries! could still hear clearly!) :slight_smile:

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Well I’m not even playing mage in Reborn anymore, leveled from 1-20 in OG where there was indeed a need to learn at least basic spells, since it was all about grinding mosters, but that is it. What I could tell you I told already, no tags needed I read all the forums all the time … also I do think you are overtheorizing a little too much which might even block your movements, just practice, have fun, don’t overthink it and ya get the hang of it, with time, I guess :smiley:

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The angle that you are looking doesn’t matter. You CAN look towards the floor, all I was saying was that this might slow you down. The only thing you can’t do is look forward, and try to cast like 50+ degrees to the right or left.

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awesome video! very helpful, thank you