Where is the BEST tutorial


I FINALLY CAN’T STOP MYSELF and will most likely be buying this game tonight or tomorrow night.

Where can I read up on the game so that I don’t get mad at it like so many people seem to do because there is no in game tutorial? Please help!

Sorry, I tried searching and didn’t come up with anything but will gladly try again if this is annoying and I shouldn’t have missed it. Thanks!


In the blue box above - Community Resources - V=https://community.orbusvr.com/t/community-resources/16269

… and search youtube for Orbus!


Randel (the NPC near Highsteppe gate) is the tutorial guy though he doesn’t explain everything, there’s also a FAQ menu in game that explains some more stuff.
However your best bet if you have any question is to ask other players either in game or in discord.

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Perfect! that got me to multiple useful wikis though I saw no blue box. Thanks!

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Hmm… weird… It’s literally at the top of every single page for “community.orbussvr.com”! My guess is that I wasn’t clear enough. Nevertheless, you have tEh inFoz!


Yecal and Rejinx made an awesome early level help guide on YouTube check it out


Oddsauce, I saw that this time after seeing your post before loggin in, but after loggin in i only had this one, which I think is what I also had yesterday after logging in.


Halfway through, so far a good video tyty

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This happens. It is Riley we deal with so it is likely that this is a bug. Do send in your output log so they can fix the issue.

In all seriousness though the lack of direction and how to start also comes from a lack of cut-scenes giving the player at least a small bit of why they are in the world.


I couldn’t do it, even with watching the video and knowing what to do for the tutorial i didn’t find the people i was supposed to and went back outside to level up killing sprites (which was AWESOME) After that i decided to just go ahead and return it for now. The game play is definitely fun but having that much of a lack of any type of help/tutorial in the beginning with even what my other items on my belt were I could not do it even though I want to support VR MMO so bad.

TLDR: feeling like i need to take the headset off and pull up info on phone/pc breaks the immersion and is too frustrating.


As a heads up, they recently released a demo version (only on Steam though), which allows you to reach level 10 on EVERY class before you have to buy the game. That could allow you to take your time figuring out the game without the cost pressure. I agree the lack of hand holding is frustrating - it took me about a month to really get into the game when I first started playing.

Link to blog post with details: https://blog.orbusvr.com/orbusvr-demo-play-free-until-level-10/


Yes! If that ever becomes available on the quest it will be a no brainer, My main problem that I wish I could get over but I cannot is that the devs really released the game like this(with NO intro for $40). But that would be a good enough fix that I wouldn’t be so mad at them that I could trust the rest of the game to be worth $40