Who is the current co founder of Ad Alternum

Question for th devs many people are currently working at Ad Alternum game studios?

Also does Riley Still work for Ad Alternum?

And how many people are currently working at Ad Alternum the Ad Alternum website isn’t really up to date.

i ask that same question, no response

I believe Riley is gone and his brother has taken over. It’s a very small group of people I believe

Riley does no longer work as a developer at ad alernum, but I do believe he had a counseling role and attends some of their meetings.

Asking who is the current co-founder is nonsensical, the co-founder of a company doesn’t change, Riley is still the founder, even if he is no longer a part of the company(he might still be part of the company, idk) and same goes for the co-founder.
The co-founder is Robert(outlander)

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