Why turn off servers so early

After working all weekend, was hoping to play at least until midnight. :persevere:

Open Alpha is going to be all weekend so don’t worry friend. :slight_smile:

July 28-30th, 2017 (will be approximately 60 hours long)

Sorry you weren’t able to play! Unfortunately right now the servers aren’t quite at the point where I can just leave them up and walk away, and 36 hours is about how long I can stay mentally engaged fighting fires before needing a break. The Open Alpha is going to 60 hours long, though…so, yeah, we’ll see how that goes :slight_smile:

(Also, this test was only supposed to last until about 11 PM last night, so it did last the correct amount of time, sorry if you didn’t know it would be over that soon, though!)

Thanks for explaination. I did get to play a couple hours over the weekend. So much fun. Can’t wait to really get into the game. I just have a little bad luck on the schedule. I work every other weekend which happens to be when the test are. But the game will release soon enough. Can’t wait.