WIKI Book Suggestion

Hey there again,

I’d like to suggest a wiki-book in which every page can be a page of orbus-wiki with all the images and stuff!

With this item people can access all the information wiki of OrbusVR has while in the game! You manually go to the page in which the topic you are down to learn is worked out and start digging in!

I am open for criticism of this idea if anyone would have any!


PS: Yes, the book written by beta testers in SAO inspired me with this idea… :confused:

You should back the game and join us in testing so you can help write the book!

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Like the world time request, the wiki can also be accessed through steamvr. All you have to do is leave the orbusvr wiki open in a browser and while in game press the steam menu key and click the circle labeled Desktop. From there you can use your motion controllers to navigate the wiki in your browser.

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Immersion breaking tho!

Haha a book with Wikipedia pages also seems slightly immersion breaking in my opinion :confused: it is a cool concept though.

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So we do have an idea for an in-game player journal that would serve somewhat of a role like this…but I don’t think I’d ever be in favor of having access to like a whole Wowhead or Thottbot-style Wiki that has all the info on the game available. I know we can’t prevent it, haha. But it’s not something I would build into the game.

I think we want to try and find a balance between having information that you have access to that it makes sense your character would know (e.g. snippets of lore, recipes, quest info, etc.) but not stuff that would be from “outside” the game (e.g. “Here’s how to get this Achievement” or “Here’s a map of the whole world with all the NPCs and quests marked down on it.”). We’ll have to see how well we accomplish that goal long-term, though, haha.


Wow that’s like the exact same concept of SAO! More so than what I suggested! Great!

I thought it would be hard to code in what you said but apparently I was wrong!

Is there a way to stop this though? Third party software will be able to run in Orbus that allows you to view a browser in-game. I mean, you can try to break it or make it against the rules…but I don’t see you realistically being able to win this fight if folks really need access to the internet without taking their headset off.

i like immersion, but the reality is that VR headsets are bulky — and its more immersion breaking to take it off in the middle of a 5 hour gaming session if I need to look something up. I’d prefer a user friendly way in-game way of doing this without forcing me to break the rules with banned third party software or taking the headset off.

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All he said, was he wouldn’t build it directly into the game. I doubt there will be any rules as far as using overlay tools, like OVRDrop and such.

hmmm… reading that much text with current gen HMD - not for me thanks - maybe if something like the Pimax 8k HMD reduces the screen door effect as much as they say it will

I think some form of link between the wiki and the in-game world would be good, but I agree with Riley’s concern that we don’t want an orbus version of wowhead actually in the game.

I made a similar suggestion in this thread: Parchment idea. Paper for note Takeing and info sharing