Will it ever be Possible To get the Pet Dragon?

Like the title says, is it possible to get the pet dragon in game or through purchases?

As the dragons were rewards for kickstarter backers I don’t think they’ll be available anymore, but I’m sure a large variety of other pets will be available whether through quests or a store

In addition to Logan’s response which is correct: maybe it will just be certain colors that the kickstarter backers get- and everyone will receive a pet dragon. So retain hope!

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There are going to be many different variations of dragons. There are 3 variations that will be exclusive to the Kickstarter rewards that you won’t be able to get, but there will be plenty of other types that you will.

The variation that is currently in the game is not one of the Kickstarter variations.


How do you get the pet Dragons if you are a Epic Founder?

There is an NPC in Highsteppe you can talk to…it’s just past your Player House as you’re headed toward the central square. Near a market stall. She will give you one and then it will be in your inventory, where you can equip it to the Pet slot (it’s the one near your head).