Will orbus on quest ever be as good as pc?

I didn’t know until recently that pc orbus have flowing capes and being able to see mounts. I knew you could see what was in peoples hands.
I just feel like the quest is done such a disservice even if the game went down a few fps i feel like an option to enable flowing capes, showing held items ect would be nice (I’m not sure if this should be in suggestions)

Uhm you know it’s a wonder that it works on the Quest, at all, that was a big surprise (for me). Many other original pc vr games don’t bother and won’t even try adapting their titles to a standalone headset, because they know the hardware is barely enough… Seriously, a 2k or 3k dollar pc was needed for vr for a long time, even older graphics cards are locked out from playing a number of titles. I got a “vr ready” laptop which barely handles current vr titles, it is overheating.
And people suddenly think a standalone headset for couple 100bucks (with 4 GB memory and a graphics card developed for smartphones, apparently…) should provide all that, why :smiley:

(And to answer the question, no, orbus on quest won’t ever be as good as pc, if we talk about the current version of the Quest; and this is not an issue of the software, but of the current difference in hardware. Connecting the quest to a pc would be a different thing though, the display is pretty good so that will make it an equal experience.)

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The only real difference is a few shadows and about 70 frames

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Okay 70 for me
Well 70 on a good day
Other days I just crash with my damn 1080ti
Heckin ultra

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maybe on the quest 2

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“will orbus on quest be as good as pc”
Simple Answer: No


Basically: Will mobile phone games ever be as good as PC? Not any time soon.


My working theory is that the only reason we have Reborn is because old Orbus wasn’t going to work on the quest. They had to build from the ground up just to make it work. The quest is amazing for what it is, but what it is, is a cell phone VR Headset.

we have reborn because the game was badly optimized, and pretty much everything was unity assets, causing lots of performance issues.


also I think reborn was announced before the quest was announced


It was a launch title on Quest. Companies sometime talk about things to each other before they are announced. and to be fair, I could be wrong.

I was just throwing that out


It looks like the new quest hardware may close the gap a bit. Any developments in the GFX libraries may also help things along, allowing you to do more with finite GFX performance.

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