Will OrbusVr Reborn first beta be free?


Im waiting for the release of the first beta that will be in friday,but,it will free?


For people that have the game already, yes its free. You need to pay for OrbusVR in order to test the beta for Orbus: Reborn


To go into further detail just to be very clear:

OrbusVR in and of itself is not a free game. It has had a few free weekends so that there was an opportunity to try before buying, but they aren’t regularly recurring and another one has not been announced.

The model is buy it once, play it forever. No subscriptions. A cosmetic-only cash shop has been added. The idea is to pay for future expansions, and although Reborn has been called an expansion, I don’t like to refer to it as one. I just call it “official launch.” Those who have bought the game do not have to pay for beta access nor pay for Reborn.

If someone does not currently own the game (whether they played a free weekend or not) there will not be automatic free access to the beta. Like Yuzukito said, owning the game is required. It is the only prerequisite.


It is a very pressing question then if the beta will be accessible to those who don’t own it on steam, but via the Oculus Rift Store. I got no issues buying the game on steam also, just to access the beta but I’d like to know in advance, not when it’s too late to do so…


Back with the original beta, it was a launcher to download from the website. I’m certain there will be a method easily and equally accessible to all players, but I am also curious as to exactly how this will be done. My assumption is that it’ll be an option at the log in screen or a separate thing to download and launch from the website. Those who bought before early access were given a key to redeem so that we didn’t have to re-buy on Steam or Oculus :woman_shrugging: We shall see.


@Metris_Marshmallow Daynab just confirmed in the unofficial community discord that it will be a separate client to download :slightly_smiling_face:


We will be posting more info about the beta details before the launch, but for now yes - you need to own the game currently (on either stores) and it will be a separate client.


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