Will "Roleplaying" be a thing in this game?

This is kinda less of a suggestion but more of a question.

I am very much into roleplaying in the way of text roleplay. You have most likely seen something like this before,
The man walks toward the group and calls out to them. “Hey!” (But I usually would do more words since I’m into it.)
But would there be Roleplay in the game like that where instead of typing what you do you just gesture it?
Like you could be able to meet people, and you act like a character that you created, not just your normal self in real life. So you could roleplay as a character that loves to have long conversations about things, but in real life you could be very introvert and not want to talk that much. Playing the role of a character you were to create.

Done with my ranting that might not make sense,
Will there be special servers for dedicated roleplaying not just playing the game but making a story with others?(Like WOW that has “RP” servers that you can roleplay in, although those servers are usually not too much filled with roleplay.)
An MMO like this could become a great roleplay source for me and it would make me be able to have a second life, that is realistic but at the same time fictional. Somewhere I can escape from my real world problems, and have character problems.

Sorry about my rant, I hope you understand what I am talking about and can inform me about the roleplaying aspect of the game


Hey Sean! Until you get real feedback to this, I am going to give my best guess! I would think the player base probably won’t be enough to have separate servers for quite some time. The VR community is not so huge at this point. This is a great idea though and I think you will have some great options to make this happen, probably just not specifically implemented by the devs. While it may take away from the experience some I would think the RP community will have to build itself here.

I know RPing is very popular so you could take this opportunity to lead the charge, and I’m sure there would be plenty who would like to join in.


I agree with Smooch, I doubt we’ll have a RP only server but I suspect that most/all players would have no problem with you roleplaying your character as you liked, and in some cases would happily join in. I definitely think it’ll largely be a lead by example situation.


While there may not be a RP server I wouldn’t doubt there being a RP Fellowship

For there to be RP, there needs to be plenty of content to RP with. I have been playing (unnamed PC game) with the RP mod and once you have experienced all the content has to offer, the RP gets bland. It is still to early to tell what content we will have to work with. I am hoping for at least a few RP fellowships within the world after launch. When I think of RP in a VRmmorpg, the first thing that comes to my mind is sword art online.

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I have been doing roleplaying for awhile. Although this is different, I’ve been roleplaying on a game (Starbound) I know almost nothing about the content of the game other than the lore on the server and what the different races are, they almost never add much to the story and I haven’t found it too boring since you’re making your own content.

I will proceed to politely disagree with you.

And I have watch Sao and I think it is a very good concept and I would love for the technology to be like what they have in the show. I feel like if I am to support this game more people will get into the genre and then more and more people and companies will start to make games like this and keep going on and on. I can just imagine the roleplay that I would be able to have with others.

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I would be happy to join the RP side of things. The thing with SAO was that RPing was a CORE function of the game. Most games now of days are built around a already made story and unless you can get the people to join in and do there part. It wont come alive. Once more people come over im sure there will be a way to do that. Im sure ( for now) you can use a guild as the RP one and accept those who wish to RP till the game becomes more polished and people come in to play!


I’m always in character.




Yeah I guess this game is step further to a world like SAO!

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I really like the idea of an RP guild. Maybe that wouldn’t be its main purpose, but a big part of it being RP would rock.
I was actually going to post about this then decided to see if a thread already was made. I’m really excited to see there are some others I may get to RP with. GOSH IM SO EXCITED FOR THE BETA! :smile:

Kinda sucks that I wont be able to play with you guys for awhile (You guys seem pretty cool). The main reason why is my vr headset is the oculus rift development kit 2, it’s not supported anymore and has no controllers. But once I get enough money, I would love to play with, and enjoy a virtual experience with you all!

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Well I personally like the Vive, however the Rrift + Touch controllers is down to 400. No joke my friends sold there DK2’s for 600 each. I’d pop it on ebay with a 400 dollar reserve and seee what you get.

I really liked the little bit of “organic” or “natural” RP I already had experienced in the Open Alpha.
For example when a few of us were doing a teach-in on rune drawing, a warrior was passing by and decried:
“Pagans! You don’t belong here in town practicing your evil magic.”
…and I thought to myself “Yes, excellent. People are role playing with the lore!”


While there may not be a RP server it wouldn’t hurt to just RP as what you wish and eventually people will start to do the same…

Yeah I could sell the headset but if I wait 10 years instead of being 400-600 it could be 1000-1500. And about the rift +touch and the vive I would personally probably buy the vive or if by the time I enough money get the vive 2. But good idea to sell it.

That is a bit of a gamble. Right now, a lot of places are using the DK2s and want back-ups and replacements. In the long-run, it will be a bit of nostalgia, but old electronics rarely appreciate.

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I will definitely RP. Don’t care if others do or not :laughing:


I would join a RP server over any others

I think I already ran into a guy who was RPing. He was playing the game like normal but seemed to be putting on a character. Though maybe he was actually that way.

I am all for role playing, but I don’t see how it works well in or us yet. Without player races or true classes and without an in depth lore in game it would really only lend itself to each person imagining the world for himself.

For me, that doesn’t make much sense since the fun of an mmo is that we are sharing in a single reality of the game world. Orbus would need a lot more added to lend itself to any role playing past a simple joke here or there.

Orbus so far, IMO, is really just a proof of concept that an mmo can work and be hella fun with ve design and mechanics. It’s passing that test with flying colors…but so far it just doesn’t have the depth of lore that you’d expect in even a bad AAA mmo atm.

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