Will there be a quest gameplay video?


Curious if there will be some gameplay shown to give people an idea of what it’ll be like.


We are sort of limited by what we can show there by Oculus NDAs, but I will reach out to them and see if we can show it off yet since I have seen some other gameplay vids from Quest games coming out.

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Hello, I’m also interessting for a video gameplay of OrbusVr for Oculus Quest.
Oculus announce now the Quest release for 21 of may, a lot of studio show us a gameplay video for their games, so why not one for the Quest version of Orbus ?


Any update on this? Not sure how the NDA works, but other Quest games have released gameplay videos.


also super curious, a lot of channels are publishing top 15’s and gameplay of everything from moss to vader immortal, superhot, etc. Orbus represent!

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Okay so I put together this little clip of about a minute of unedited gameplay footage. Enjoy!


I will try and take some more footage of things like a dungeon run, Runemage casting, Player House, etc. tonight and tomorrow if I can so we can put together a more comprehensive trailer, as well.


Need some fishing action too!


Thanks @Riley_D for sharing this with us ! :smile:
The game looks better than what I was expected :star_struck:


Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait for the 21st.


I’m curious to know how well the Quest tracking handles things like rangers aiming with their hands near the headset and paladins raising their hands up above their head.

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Similar to WMR but better I imagine due to 4 cameras instead of 2. I mained ranger with WMR in old orbus and it was limiting (I found shooting with bow sideways a lot easier, which disallowed some improved aiming by sighting along the arrow etc) but not a deal breaker, you get used to it. The only thing I couldn’t do in the game that mattered was run a warrior with a shield behind my back or above my head reliably. Base stations will always be better.

There’s lots of videos of people doing tracking tests on quest/rift-S and definitely if you put your hands too close to your face it’ll act up, if you occlude one hand with the other too much, etc.

Short raises, no problem, even on WMR I could sword raise, raise hammer, fly fish, any of that… it does an OK job for a few seconds based on wii like tracking when out of vision but you’ll never accurately do a behind the back aimed shot with a musky or anything. And from the reports, oculus has improved significantly on what WMR was managing, the visible tracked area is significantly better… especially in the up direction


I am considering the Rift S - also with inside-out tracking - but I am afraid of the very same thing, to be restricted with movements either being too close to the headset or behind it … this can only be answered by those already having Quests, is it possible for example to

  • pick up loot, put it behind our back
  • sheathe weapons
  • raise the paladin hammer
  • curve the scoundrel shots by makin wiiiide swings to the side

without loosing tracking?


Those are all fine, unless your doing the behind your back scoundrel curve shot. It was quite smart with it’s tracking, just freezing the controler slightly farther then the actual limit of the view, more or less guessing your position.

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I’ll go check out a demo quest at a best buy and perform the obrus actions, even without the game playable. Just to see. I bet it’s just fine, but I wanna know for sure how it feels before I keep telling my friends without a PC to go get one for Orbus any more than I already have been!

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It looks much better than I expected it to look, guess the Quest’s hardware isn’t that weak after all, even with SD 835.