Will there be PvP in alpha?

Just curious if there wil be any PvP in alpha?

I would say yes. PVP was enabled in the February pre-alpha stress test so it will most likely be enabled for the alpha as well.

The Devs said that there will be PVP, but there are guards in the leveling areas that will protect players from unwanted PVP attacks. At level 20 you will have access to an area called The Wilds where you can PVP freely, however there will be a bandit/wanted system in place. There was a thread about that before, but they closed it because it was getting toxic.

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That is the current aim for the release version of Orbus. We don’t know whether all or any part of that will be available in the alpha yet.

The previous thread was closed partly because it was toxic, but also because people were drawing comparisons with other games, complaining about PVP mechanics that they didn’t like., and also complaining as if Orbus had those same mechanics.

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I know there will be PvP in the game (that is what I’m most excited about) but didn’t know if it would be in alpha.

I know. My first answer addressed your question. According to the instructions/guidelines for the February stress test, the desert was set aside as a temporary PVP zone to test PVP. It’s likely that something similar will be in place for the alpha.

I hope the wanted system is similar to a certain Green, Yellow and Red player system ^.^

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Yes there will be PvP in the Alpha. I’m not sure what the exact state of it will be during the first Closed Alpha test but by the end of the Alpha the entire PvP system will be in, including bounties.

Probably for the first Closed Alpha we will just have a Wilds zone available to go to that is pretty much empty but PvP is on so people who want to fight each other have someplace to go. We tried having it on in a zone where it won’t actually be on during the release of the game during the last Stress Test, and that was okay but I’d rather start moving toward things being how they will be during release.

I think at this point the plan is that your name is Red to other players if you are currently a Bandit (it already does this), and then we’re going to add in Orange names for players who have been a bandit in the past X real-time hours/days (depending on how large your bounty became). It will be up to the other players you play with whether or not they care about grouping with orange players.