Will We Ever Get Faster Mounts?


Is there any plan to add faster mounts or anything of the sort? Being able to speed across the land out of combat will certainly make life easier when it comes to learning the land or wanting to take a stroll thru the world.

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They have the post-30 stuff to increase mount speed by up to 10%. I doubt it’ll go much higher anytime soon, since they just added something for it.


True, though even like a +5% speed mount would be pretty cool to hunt down & have value. Probably let you transmog mounts as well, lest the old art become useless (and dono mounts worthless)
(related to mount speed)
White = +0%
Green = +1%
Blue = +2%
Purple = +3%
Legendary = +5%

Or even
White = +0%
Green = +4%
Blue = +6%
Purple = +8%
Legendary = +10%

I also considered, maybe purple/legendary should be the same speed & just have legendaries be cooler cosmetics? So you don’t feel like a turd for not owning one. Maybe.


It would be nice to really blaze thru the fields. I’d love to talk a walk around the world but hell, even a walk from my house to Darius can take much too long to bother with.


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Unrealted to the topic at hand, but yes I do agree that it would be nicer if you were forced to go to different areas to continue leveling, it would show you more of the world and maybe have more incentive for the creation of a hub town for each area. I have barely left highsteppe an I’m at 28 on my first class.


have you tryed speed potions?


Already do


Yes sorry for hijacking :slight_smile:
I was in a prior meatier thread and still was worked up. I still think this would be nice.

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