Windows Mixed Reality headset not showing content but tracking

I know Windows Mixed Reality headsets aren’t officially supported but that is what I have and I want to play :slight_smile:
When I start OrbusVR it doesn’t render in the headset though, it just starts up a window on my monitor and shows what I would expect to see in the headset. It does track my head movement and controllers, but in my headset I am just in the Steam VR loading room.

If you need any more info or need me to try something else. Just let me know.


That’s really weird, we had someone else report the exact same thing about an hour ago but with a Vive. I have no idea what’s going on with that. Can you try unchecking the “SteamVR Home Beta” box in your SteamVR settings and see if that makes a difference?

Just tried that and nothing seems to change. For me, all steam games are showing on the monitor, but only some also show in the headset. Do you know if steam normally does that?

I don’t know if it can help but I’m running Orbus on Lenovo Explorer and sometimes your problem happens to me. I just close my programs, reboot my computer with my headset disconnected. I replug it and then it works.
I found too that running steam in non-beta got me less crash with the game.
Another thing is about your anti-virus. since I stopped using AVAST my VR games works better and got less crash too (Sairento, Robo Recall, Arizona Sunshine…)

Saw this in another post. Maybe check into this and see if you can tinker with that setting and if that is what is causing the issue?

I have an integrated hdmi output and a graphics card output. I had one monitor plugged into the integrated output, one plugged into the graphics card, and my hmd plugged into the graphics card. When I got rid of the mointor plugged into the integrated port the problem went away. So I think it was that.

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