Windows MR controller haptic feedback & control stick support request

The lack of vibration wasn’t really a issue until I stumbled across fishing. I tried my setup on another PC to try and rule out a local issue, and was unable to get it working on that rig as well.

On a side note I stumbled across this gem yesterday evening, and have really been enjoying the time i’ve played so far. I look forward to playing more soon.

The vibration not working with Windows MR is unfortunately a bug in SteamVR currently. Hopefully they will fix that soon.

What did you mean about control stick support request?


Ah, duly noted.

The windows MR controllers have an analog thumbstick in addition to the trackpad. Currently only the trackpad is usable for movement, and while this works it doesn’t feel quite as nice for movement. Given that WindowsMR support is still a beta feature with SteamVR this may not currently be possible, however I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Either way i’m more than happy to use to use the trackpad, and for the time being I just have to flail the fishing pole wildly to “hook” the fish. Makes for quite the sight. :smile:

ROFL!!! That has got to be hilarious to see! “Hrmm, He’s either really bugged or throwing a fit!”

I also just pull the rod back every second because it is easier and more satisfying to keep moving. I am not doing it because I can’t feel the vibration :stuck_out_tongue:

Also it might be that fishing polls are fixed at one position for the outside observer when you have started the throw and stay frozen until you fully reel in the line. A bug maybe? At least no-one said anything about my movement and I always see others have their rod perfectly still when fishing.

I have the same issue. Could we get some additional feedback beyond haptics? Perhaps a sound effect or something in addition?

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Just chiming in to say that analog stick support with Windows Mixed Reality controllers would be very welcomed!

I just got a headset a few days ago, and coming from Minecraft with analog stick movement to this game’s touch pad movement is a bit of a bummer.

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