Woman's Hair ;)

women problem :wink: - as soon as you put on a hat the hair disappears, so that my character immediately looks like a man. I find that very unfortunate because you create a character with a look at the beginning. please leave the hair even if you put on a hat. many will probably laugh or find that totally unnecessary xDD but it annoys somehow …:wink:


I agree, there is an option in settings to hide helm, which is what I use, but it would be nice to see my hat(with hair) sometimes


Ah ok. I have not noticed that yet. I’ll test it later. so i can wear a hat and it just will not show up?

Yep, it just hides the hat :slightly_smiling_face:


The Hide Helm option is under the graphics settings tab.

It is also very useful for if you hate how your classes helm doesn’t match the rest of your outfit.

(The Desert Musketeer and Ranger hat should be switched) Sorry Artist :joy:


I agree that it would be nice to have some hair while wearing a hat- I think that everyone can agree on that. I haven’t seen anyone confirm that this would ever happen though.


not even switched. just hidden. all the musketeer hats look silly

not to mention every outfit is reddish brown

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I wouldn’t mind a female body either. Like, it’s cool that I’m not wearing a chain mail bikini, but not sure I prefer this end of the extreme either. When wearing a helmet, there’s nothing that distinguishes my character’s gender. I try not to be the envious sort, but I’m pretty jealous of the pink hair and female anatomy on the NPCs. That said, I’d rather the dev team work on end game content than making me look pretty, but hopefully in the future I could look a little more like Helga than Bishop Roma?


lol, agreed, not sure if it’s their lingo, or just assuming that girls don’t play games, but I’m always being referred to as ‘dude’ before people meet me. Even had one group ask me if I’m sure I’m a girl? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Not so sure I want the pink hair :wink: but hair under hats would be nice, a more feminine torso would be great too, although no bikinis please :smiley:


Don’t want to get into the gender in games and all that, however I will say that I actually treat female avatars like fellas before I hear them say anything… this is because of seeing what my wife puts up with at certain times online. Mostly it’s just cringey instead of rude, but she often stays silent because she wants to be treated like everyone else(dudeskis) and avoid all that while still playimg with character choices she enjoys. I think of her when I run into a silent female avatar.

To be clear I am not giving any opinion on who experiences harassment online or whether it’s more or less than any other person of any gender, nationality, or flossing habits(before or after brushing?). Just an anecdote on why it may not be that someone thinks women don’t game, but quite the opposite!

Did you just assume my flossing habits?!

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No, but I sense by your quickness to judge that you are a typical pre-brusher.


The most ideal solution still: Wear a hat & have hair still visible without clipping.

Not just a woman problem. Guild Wars 2 had this, an incredibly dumb problem they still haven’t fixed. Orbus as a beta gets a free pass, not that they really care of my approval or not lol.

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Good to know I’m not the only one who’s hair is disappearing when they put a hat on.


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