World Boss 1 Event! ELONGATA Everyone invited!


Hi Everyone,

Alphabet is hosting a World Boss 1 event, Lets get that evil Plant that made Kizzy cry !! and would like to invite everyone!

It is recommended for level 20’s, but everyone is welcome to join us regardless of level (low level characters are most likely to die, but as long as you can hit the boss, you might be able to get a drop )

To get to the area where the boss spawns you have to drink the Ithecac potion to be able to see and get to the entrance, some people should still have some left from the quests however should you need to purchase some stall 4 will be selling them as well as others im sure :slight_smile: . The potion only lasts for a short amount of time so its advisable to purchase at least 2 or more to ensure you can get up to the boss when/if you die usually some nice person will res you so a couple reagents wouldn’t hurt . We will have people at the portal point to guide people to the entrance and let you know when to drink the pots

Where: Jungle (Mountain Crest village)
When: Saturday, February 2nd , 2019 @ 1:30 PM PST / 4:30 PM EST / 9:30 PM GMT
Voice Comms: Alphabet Discord in the Public Party Chat channel ( )

If you haven’t done this before, please listen to J or Rickness giving out the instructions at the beginning of the party.

If anyone is not sure where the boss is, some of us will be in Highsteppe (front of player house) at 1:15 PM PST/ 9:15 PM GMT (15 minutes before the event starts) and we will portal from there!

If you are at the boss area and dont see anyone, post a LFG world boss and we’ll invite you to the party so you can join.

Check out our websites: and (armory)
If you are interested in becoming an Alphabet member please check out our website and apply! Or hop on discord and do a shard run with us!

Hope you can make it!


Really glad Alphabet is hosting all those events before Reborn :slight_smile:

Gotta keep the community active !


Event is tomorrow! Don’t forget to get your Ithecac potions beforehand, most stalls in highsteppe are selling them now


world boss starts in an hour 15 min, meet in an hour outside high step for portal remember your ithecac :slight_smile:

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