World Boss Event Saturday 22nd 21:30 BST (GMT+1)

Will be hitting up Giant Scav and Treesus this Saturday 21:30 BST (GMT+1) anyone is welcome to join, we will be starting at the flying high teleport (diamond + hourglass)

We will be using our discord, Public Party Chat to call out instructions and which boss we are at so jump on there to join in


See you all there!

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I Will be there to. Richness why so late at the evening?


@ANITA_M That has to do with ppl still working on those days and ppl from other timezones (mostly U.S.)


Oh no I’m going to miss this one :frowning:

This is the usual time we would do it, the previous event was a test to see if we could do if at an earlier time too and it went well so we will be doing it again at that time in the future but I said the next one will be at this time so those in the US can make it easier


Don’t worry I understand that and I don’t have to work so no problem for me I will be there I hope

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About how long do you guys normally go for? Just to see if I can schedule around work.

depends how many people show up, the last few times we’ve been able to keep going for 2/3+ hours

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Please host a Raid event sometimes. I mean just tell peoples to queue up in a specific time, to increase the chance to find a party. Because after hours of queueing, im ending up without party :confused: Even if its a new content.

the raid queue is just for the beta testing, you’re not going to be entering the raid through the queue when it’s live. we could maybe at some point host something similar to what we did at the end on old orbus where we hosted first a complete run through for normal mode with 3 raid groups and then did 2 groups doing hardmode boss 5 for the cape a couple times.


That would be super :slight_smile:

Yes!!! I’m so pumped !

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anybody record footage on an oculus quest? I was planning to but couldn’t make it

So I got angel wings today… :slight_smile: Several nice rings… and enough capes to carpet my house. Thanks guys.

For sale or have you used them?

Thanks for hosting this. Was a real blast as usual. Fun to have a good gathering of fun people and have a laugh.

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Wish I took more screenshots but here’s the 2 I took :grin: Thanks everyone that came and joined in!


I used them… then found out afterwards, folks would be willing to pay a fortune for them haha…

I honestly didn’t realize what I had gotten. haha.

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