World Boss Event: Scav Giant (Hulthin's Basin)

(May have misspoke in previous thread)

Date: May 23rd
Time: 12:00 pm CST
Duration: 2 hours
Mode: enraged

We’ll gather by the Scav Giant in Hulthin’s Basin. (Closest teleport is Flying High.)
If you do not have that teleport talk to Meshe in the fellowship court and she will make a teleport for you.

For new players:

Please make sure you are in the proper shard with everyone; if you don’t know how to switch shards please ask.

Don’t hit the wolves hanging around the boss, they are needed to enrage him. Any mobs are free to kill.

Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you all there.:grinning:


It’s midnight here in Thailand but I’ll join :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone :slight_smile:

The event starts today at 12pm CST.
I’ll be in the fellowship court between 11:45- 12:00pm to make teleports for anyone who can’t get to Flying High.

Also during this time, Boomhauer of Kosher Cowboys will be in Hulthin’s Basin helping newer players get to the boss. He’ll make sure you’re in the right shard and that low level players don’t get caught on mobs.

Also I heard some people really wanted the cape from the Chaos Giant in Lamavora. Once the majority of players are satisfied with the boss event we can teleport over to Lamavora and get those capes.


Hello folks,
How does one know which hard to be on and how do you switch shards? The only time ive ever been able to switch shards is when it is expiring. Many thanks and hope to see you on later

We usually start in the top shard and make our way down the list. Or, keep going between shards until you see everyone.

thank you. I only ever see one shard listed for some reason :frowning:

That’s because 99% of the time, outside of Highsteppe there aren’t enough people in the zone to warrant additional shards.

even inside Highsteppe

depends on the time you play.

many thanks, makes sense. My timing was off

Thanks everyone for coming out for the world boss event :slight_smile: I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. :heart: