World Boss raids during the week?


Are any guilds doing world boss raids during the week or only the weekend?
I was just posting this cause I was hoping to join in any world boss raids during the week.


maybe non guilded people could get together and do an open raid sometime… As id personally like to do world bosses but dont intend on joining a guild i hope this concept may get some movement behind it… I’m always game if needed 20 ranger/20 runemage


World boss raids are technically all open. It is appreciated if you ask before joining, as some guilds may want to complete a boss run or a few as just a guild exercise/achievement. But in my experience, once a guild gets a few guild-only runs, then all are welcome. :slight_smile:


oh really? thats really nice of people im kinda old school played everquest on release so i go by a set of rules that seems to have changed these days i dont attack something unless i ask first or am asked to help as a matterof ettiquite and on EQ joining in on someone elses high end kill would be a major no no lol so im glad to know this now on here ive noticed things are much more relaxed appreciate the tip


You could look around the more popular fellowship Discords schedules and see if they got anything planned.

I’ve never been able to make it to a world boss due to work or awkward time zone differences. Wish we could all do a weekly all day world boss event.


we may be doing an elongata run after the valentines event all you need is an ithacac and feel free to join.


awesome ill make a point to be there :slight_smile: i havent had the oportunity to do a world boss yet so sounds fun thanks



We run them regularly in Alphabet ( although this weekend we might have new dungeon content, so it is unlikely we will run Sanyael this weekend… Maybe the one after.



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