World empty after game crash

So I was fighting the ghosts in the apple orchard and my game crashed after after relaunching the game the world is now empty. I relaunched it several times. even rebooted my computer but the world is still devoid of life. has anyone else had this problem?
UPDATE: thanks for the advice Robert. returning to the graveyard fixed the issue.

when your in game have you tried the return to graveyard option? this will sometimes fix the problem of loading “in between” zones

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This happened to me yesterday too. I tried the graveyard thing but it didn’t fix it. I had to make a new character.

If that happens again let us know, you definitely should never have to make a whole new character. Worst case scenario I can manually reset you.

This has happened to me several times. Using the Return to Graveyard option will fix it, but oddly it sends me to a graveyard in an undeveloped area, over the bridge near the guard tower where you get some of the story quests.

okay you spawned at lucian wilds (pvp wilds zone) were still trying to track that one down, send us a bug report next time you log out (its in the lower left of the launcher screen) and hopefully with enough logs we can track that one down, its def a bad one.