XP and Luck Boosts activated - Reborn 1st anniversary!

Hi everyone, today is the first anniversary of Reborn, and we’ve activated an XP Boost 25% and
Luck Boost +100 for 24 hours - enjoy, and to another exciting year!


Time to turn in those mission rewards I’ve been hoarding :smiley:

Like this? :grin:

Happy Birthday Reborn!


Got 100 unspent perk points now :wink:


I very much regret having most mine spent on aging duration which I got zero need for … really hope they get reset if new perks come (dropping weight ones for a better perk gladly, too…).

PS: Also, for those in homeoffice or otherwise need to work on weekdays, an xp boost lasting longer would be really nice. This one pretty much exactly ends when many are done with work here, start into their free weekend, finally got the ability to stay up late etc.


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