You asked, you got it! (Winter Enviorment Update)

Winter is here! While it was late coming this year to the region of Patreayl, the snowy winds have finally arrived! Watch out for the winter strangers, or the yellow snowballs while out adventuring! Note the Winter Festival quest is not available at this time but we wanted to get the environment updated before the holiday season (and because we know how much players wanted it!)

If you haven’t completed the 5 year anniversary quest line, be sure to get that finished up as it will be removed after the new year!

Patch Notes:

  • Removed summer quest line
  • Changed Summer Environment to Winter
  • Added winter specific spawners

Let me know if I’m jumping the gun here, but bringing Winter back and telling us that you’ll be removing the anniversary questline… is there hope for Orbus development in the future?


Your jumping it lol


there still should be a dev team just made of part timers, so give it another year for a small patch :laughing:


Well now I have a reason to hop on :laughing: Thank you! It’s going to be fun getting back on orbus and playing seriously after 3~4 months of not wanting to play. Thanks for the Christmas gift outlander :smiley:


Casted arcane ray irl reading this thank you orbus devs :pray: :pray:


It was a bit depressing getting on while stuck in an endless 5th anniversary summer, and I know others felt similarly. Thank you so much for this wonderful present!


I’m wondering now is the quest line ever going to get pushed?

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