Your game needs work


So first of all its fun but magic is only available for the mage and If I am a Warrior I should have the decision To not use my shield and use something like a fire blast Or any other Selection and of magic There should also be perk trees if for example I am a level 20 Warrior and decide to drop in and learn magic my perks may not benefit me in any way but I would still have a lot of fun doing so I find myself very bored with the game And I rarely play it This game needs more customization and the clothes i like hoods yes iam a worrier but it would be cool if i could use a hood or any other armor or clothes like light armor heavy or Medium or the ability to make a Guild and have my own building that people Could see They would be walking past and see something called the fighters Guild Or have actual buildings that you can walk into I can workable inn You would be able to walk in there before you log off Or you could have given portals a different dimensions And those dimensions Have a difficulty level For those players that really Want to challenge themselves


There’s a lot to unpack here…
Magic isn’t just for the mage. There’s also Bard and Shaman and Paladin. And Musketeer if you think of that as magic.
You have the decision to not use your shield, you just won’t be as effective. Warriors don’t use magic.
More customization: you have 8 classes, and each one has 5 different perk choices and multiple ways to play. You can play Warrior with a small shield and focus on Wound/DPS. You can play Ranger with the fire rain arrow, or go with poison, or any other arrows. There’s plenty of customization. You just have to make the choices.
You can get plenty of gear, then break it down to unlock transmogs. My warrior currently wears a pot on his head, a cat on his shoulder, and wears a barrel for a chest piece.
You can make your own guild.
To have a building for each guild would take tons of room.
You can do raids and shards for difficult encounters.


Basically, most of what you want is already in the game.


Basically, most of what you want is already in the game.

OP post looks like it could have been created by a bot. However, in the event it was a human, I’d have to intensely disagree with what you’ve written back.


You have the decision to not use your shield, you just won’t be as effective."

This is very clearly not what they are asking for. They want alternatives to the shield, not to be a dumb person who doesn’t use their shield because its the only option & really strong.

There’s plenty of customization.

Warriors don’t use magic.

They think it would be cool if there were a mish-mash combat option like a sword mage. It’s their opinion/suggestion. Saying “there is a pally” or worse (a bard) is not the same. Your definition of warriors is one that says they don’t use magic. 5E fighters have Eldritch Knights for example, and the concept of sword mages is pretty old. Or maybe they like the rune mage system & spells but are disappointed there’s nothing similar elsewhere (bard, pally etc is nothing close to a rune mage). It doesn’t mean the developers have to add it, this player simply thinks it would be cool.


That’s all true but MMOs have tried that flexible route and I don’t think it was any particular draw for them.


You all know what I mean Being able to cast a fireball As a Warrior and me and equipping my shield does nothing for me Not trying to be mean but I have played better rpg mmmo When I 1st got the game I felt restricted of what I can do Yes I can change my armor and weapons but me switching from a sword to a wand Is different For me using a fire blast from my left hand and using a sword in my right


Some Warriors can use magic There is in fact a class that Warriors are able to learn magic I’m just saying that be fun and cool other than just watching my character


Most of what I want is not in the game thats why I’m suggesting it Being able to cast a fireball from my hand while wielding a sword is different from switching to a wand


It sounds like you want Skyrim online in VR. That wasn’t the goal for this game. The things you want go against the lore in game, would break the balance of the game, and aren’t what this game was made to do. It’s okay to want different things, but don’t come over here and say the game needs work because you wanted something other than what the game is advertised as.

Say the game needs work because of bugs.