3 Teleport pillars vs 1 Mage teleport


So teleporting was something that we ended up talking about a fair bit while playing and the way it currently is isn’t great, the biggest issue with the way it is now, you’ve basically added an extra unnecessary step onto getting where you need to go, this is because there is only 1 pillar per zone which you can teleport to via mage, and most of the time, the one you want to go to isn’t the one you can teleport to with mage, so most of the time we were teleporting to any random teleport as a mage then all of us using another reagent to teleport to where we really wanted to go, vs the old way of just opening a portal and we all going to the place we want to go.

Please bring back mage teleporting to all pillars, there are only 5 zones so it would be easy to go back to the way it was in old orbus with the area rune followed by the pillar rune this would make life much easier for everyone.

Here is an easy to see way of getting it to work, just using the runes used previously and then 1 slight change for the extra teleport pillar in highsteppe

Example + possible spoilers

Fellowship Court diamond + Fire
Traders Road diamond + Chicken%20Foot
Rope Bridge diamond + hourglass
Hidden Garden diamond + H


Nomad’s Hut Frost + Chicken%20Foot
Wagon Graveyard Frost + hourglass
Demon’s Cave Frost + H


Vulcan’s Point Backwards%20F + Chicken%20Foot
Crystal Cave Backwards%20F + hourglass
Knight’s Fort Backwards%20F + H

Huthains Basin

Oceans Edge Less%20than%20More%20than + Chicken%20Foot
Flying High Less%20than%20More%20than + hourglass
Free Fall Less%20than%20More%20than + H


Cut Throat Forest little%20H + Chicken%20Foot
Old Growth little%20H + hourglass
Essence Mine little%20H + H


If I remember correctly, they just didn’t had the time to couple the runes for those pillars yet.


Seems to be an intended feature but I could be wrong.


That should probably be rethought. Runemage portals are one of the most thematic aspects of Orbus. Gimping such an iconic feature like that seems unfun.


unless they plan on adding new zones, then the old teleport spells are still viable and will just be used in future content. plus the way it is now, you can at least travel around in a small area quickly without needing to ask a runemage to teleport you somewhere. reagents don’t seem that rare, i have almost 80 of them and none of my classes are level 10 yet

but i’m just being optimistic, the last thing we need is more runes because that would cause all previous runes to be harder to use and having a constantly growing world where the old, now unused, teleports can be used seems nice

eventually there will need to be more runes but hopefully when that happens, casting in general will be easier


Another thing for me is, when I find a new teleport stone, not a mage stone, which is annoying enough, but I almost never have any idea how this place/stone is called, can we get the names of the stone on the stones?


I generally figure it out based on process of elimination on what I know they’re not, which is a little silly to have to do on a released game IMHO. Also I’ve labeled them on my map (not that that defeats the point you’re making about it being needed in game, just noting it).

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Ya I’m using your map, that’s why I dont get lost thaaat much in the world :joy:

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That would be awesome… I got lost in the first betas and finally noted stones names down in the last once I found them, to not mix em up. But normally no one does that but just randomly explores and without external sources it’s easy to get confused.

Also the order of the table on pillars is really strange, lamavora, the higher-level area, shows before the rainforest… they should show in the order HS - rainforest - lamavora - hulthines - wastelands, according to level-range (I picked them up in this order to hope it sorts like that but nope).


Most of the time for events I need to go to demons cave, old growth, traders road, so I need to make a mage portal from one event and then select one of these locations using 2 reagents, but also meaning everyone I’m playing with also needs to use a reagent, it would be a lot quicker and nicer to just be able to travel to the one you want to go to via mage portal, the public events are meant to be done via group play but travelling is now completely opposite to that, just adds in extra unnecessary steps, please consider changing this


There are definitely enough runes to put a combination on each pillar so you might as well do it.

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