A few small ideas

Idea one a way to kind of make runs mage kind of easier to not die by being able to walk around and your spells stay the same distance away from you like how the menu dose but its more it stays the same in the play-space and make it so you can turn this on or off and number 2 make it so the elevator moves up and down just as a small detail.

The runemage one would make it so you can also play runemage with controller drift which a fair amount of quest players have

mage is already to much dps its a feature :slight_smile:

No I mean how when you move the spells stay in the same spot so you can’t dodge so you take a lot of damage other classes can dodge

so basically spells will stay in the same place if you dont put away your wand just jump with your other hand

No like how the bards xylophone stays in front of them but make it so its more play space ways like guardian boundary on quest so you move in game it moves in the game with you but you move irl it doesn’t

Still don’t understand here… Spells emit from your wand which you are holding. If you move, your hand(s) move. If your hand(s) move, your spells move (+the talent for spell guidance with the other hand).

So you want to be able to dodge, but have the spells to keep emitting from the original position? - But how will the game know what the original position was after several dodges? And how will you tell the game when you actually want spells to be cast from your current position rather than your original position?

No i mean the runes when you draw them when you move the stay we’re they were drawn

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Ah, now i see. You want the “drawing board” to move with you when you slide/teleport.

That is a good idea i think.

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This would be difficult to accomplish while also having some spells still be three dimensional…not to mention mages will be super OP if they simplify the moving/casting mechanics.

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As cool as that feature would be, the lack of movement while casting is part of the balance of the class. Being able to tele cast without the time it takes to master it nowadays would be a huge buff to the class that they don’t need.

Maybe a specific wand that only works in Highsteppe so you can practice with it would be cool?

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I was also thinking this could be cool too but I would rather have it is now because I wouldn’t want to wait for it to move every time i use it, I usually am in a rush so waiting to go up and down will be kinda boring and a waste of time

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Have some elavator music and an option to toggle the movement

I remember a suggestion a long while ago about this same thing as an alternative talent to lend a hand instead of the spark talent. I still think that it could be cool and actually make lvl 5 a choice


I mean, it is sorta a choice already. Teleport while casting vs easier aiming and more consistant HPS.

I think the OP is saying that the rune you are drawing should neatly travel with you as you teleport. You could teleport in the middle of drawing the rune and it would not draw a purple line to/from your previous location.

Ye, I got that part. My problem is that I think that it’s just a straight buff to mage, and has no real downside. Lend a hand has built in pros and cons, while this new talent would just be a strict increase to mage’s consistancy, removing the limitation of being bad while mobile.


What are the cons of lend a hand, other than the extremely conditional and often insignificant “Can’t teleport sideways as easy”?

Agree 100%

Literally that. You can’t kite and cast, while other classes can. Moving backwards away from an enemy, out of an AoE, ect while casting is useful. Lend a hand makes it so you can’t do any of that, and you lose mobility for consistancy.

It’s often insignificant, sure, but there are many bosses and enemies in the game being able to point your hand in another direction to teleport while also shooting is useful.