A general summary of this MMO

I don’t want you to get me wrong, but what is the story behind this MMO. Believe me this MMO looks really good and original, but if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the plot to the MMO?

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well you see here, there is the evil wizard dickitronus who got really mad becuase the king didn’t give him a taco in 2nd grade so he went to the super-secret-undead-very-bad-evil shadow world and got the evil powers of the dark burrito and is now sending monsters all over the world to pilage the tacos(future in game currency) out of every one, so now your the magic knight that is going to slaughter your way to victory as you endlessly grind dickitronus’s monsters for their very precious exp and well earned tacos as you try to level up, and you eventually lawn mower your way to dickitronus’s not-so-secret-but-meant-to-be-secret castle where there will be this epic battle where you run circles around him furiously waking him with the legendary casidia sword until he finally dies where you will be renowned by all for being one of the 1 million other saviors of the world.

the plot of every other mmo, what do you think?


I’ve been meaning to get a site up that talks more about the general design for the game. I’ll do that soon hopefully.


We went ahead and got this done, see here: Website update -- more information on the game!