A More Immersive Shield


Hi! I love the immersion Orbus brings me! But my favorite class is Warrior and I find it really immersion-breaking to have a “magical blue shield spirit thing…” It wouls be cool if the shield could be chainged to a wooden or iron one just for the look of it and the IMMERSION! After all, that’s what vr is for :wink:

No More Glowy Shield

id kinda like to see shield become a real peice of equipment personally so that not every single shield looks alike on every warrior. make all shields work similar to the way they work now but with a stat and armor bonus added as you upgrade it.


in the open alpha or something the shield was normal iron.
i guess the community said they want to “watch through” or something.

but i would love if they could bring back the normal shield, because this one atm looks like a place holder for the real shields


This again is something that could be made changeable in the options. Shields as items makes a lot of sense, if someone doesn’t want his view to be blocked there could be a transparency-slider that allows the player to define how much they want to see trough their shield (everyone else doesn’t need to see trough it anyway and would have the normal cosmetics) or even an option to show the old, blue shields instead of the item (also only looking that way for the warrior).


Not to mention Warrior shields stick out like a sore thumb when travelling the wilds, like a giant “HEY! I’m over here! The giant Blue sun bobbing across the landscape! I hope there are no bandits in the area!”

Mostly though it is a bit immersion breaking and it’s a wee bit bright at night.


Agreed. This is a good idea.

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