Add in a 1v1 arena

One thing that is a problem in the game is class balance.

To identify class balance issues, there should be an open 1v1 arena in or around highsteppe… Somewhere where everyone can watch 2 people duke it out.

This is a quick way to figure out PvP class balance as the issues of balance become obvious to everyone… It is also really fun to have a 1v1 arena to play with.



Still really want to see open dueling to happen. Even when PvP disabled and when standing in Highsteppe. Where you can just challange someone for a fight. No arena needed to be build IMO.


Both systems would take development work of similar length i think… Either way… some 1v1 brawling system would be good.

We have about 75% of a dueling system implemented I just never finished it. If it’s something people would use I’ll see about slotting in some time to finish it up.


Yes please that would be so cool and makes a lot of cool sights of ppl fighting at random places. If other ppl want to see it implemented too of-course.

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Even as a PvE’er who doesn’t really focus on PvP, I would like to see a 1v1 duelling system implemented, I think it would be a good bit of “fun” content which you don’t really need any reward for but is something to do when hanging out with friends or waiting for people for your group to get together


I think A LOT of people will use it… Whilst you are at itt… Can you stick in an arena type area? something simple and wooden would suffice… like a scaled up version of the one near guild city next to the target dummies.

I don’t think anyone would use the arena if you can duel anywhere?

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there will probably end up being an area that people choose as the ‘arena area’ similar to how people used to fight just outside the gates of Orgrimmar in WoW… except there isnt an open unobstructed place near/in highsteppe that can be used for 1v1 PvP unfortunately

Its just less obstructive when you are PvPing to have a flat clear space to pewpew hence the combination of both areas would be very helpful. By Arena area I simply mean a game object with walls that collide and ramps that people can watch from whereby the community can decide the rules of who fights who or whatever.


It would be so fun to watch people duel !!!

and standing in front of their shots!

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yes please! I’ve been waiting this since the OG beta :smiley:

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I would love to see this as well

…this is good and all… But you really really really need to fix mages spells before that

No Burn they need to fix 100 things before that, which means it will never happen. So please just make it and not make 100 other things more important before that. Because otherwise it iwll never happen.

I ment to make 1 vs 1 pvp doable.

That would be awesome. Id love to walk out highsteppe and or even in highsteppe maybe in the middle where the npc’s are , just move all that out and have a ring there so if ur bored or what not just walk up and watch a 1v1 match. But definitely make it so others cant practice magic to interfere with match lol…

+1 on 1v1 duels. just the ability to challenge someone is good enough for me. also create a no entry dome once it commences to prevent trolling.

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lmao :stuck_out_tongue:

please do it :grinning: