Most populous vrmmorpg

1: It’s voice chat and not text chat, which is a little different from traditional MMOs. Having a global voice chat would be deafening :smiley: You can check how many people are in the zone you’re in by checking the shard you’re in, though. It’ll be named something like “C7D 32”. The first three letters/numbers are just the name of the shards (C7D) and the next number is the number of players in your zone (32…so probably Highsteppe lol)

2: OrbusVR is a skill based game. You’re given what you need to succeed, but then it’s up to you to learn how to use it. You have to develop the IRL skills to win in combat. Just because Fire 3 is unlocked at level 1 doesn’t mean you can reliably cast it. The idea is that the progression is in skill with your class, not progression via abilities unlocked. That’s why you’ll see level 30s with WILDLY different effectiveness in their classes. Some have spent the time to practice and become amazing with their class, others prefer a more laid back and casual approach. Their effectiveness in their class isn’t locked by leveling up, but rather by their skill :slight_smile: Side note: I’d like to meet anybody casting 3 Fire 3 a second lol

3: Gods I’d LOVE a dueling mechanic! Riley (the original head developer) had great ideas for PvP. Colosseum Style PvP Arena - #2 by Riley_D
Add in a 1v1 arena - #4 by Riley_D

But we never saw them completed.

4: I don’t know how the company is doing regarding money, but I know they’re VERY adamant that you should in no way gain in-game benefits by spending IRL money. I think there are exclusive pets in the cash shop as well as transmogs, but having a mini tiger would be dope! Funny enough, the weight capacity and faster ride are both available in game through overleveling!

TLDR: Dueling mechanic would be doooooooooooooope