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Note: These are just ideas that I see working, feel free to disagree and if possible make your point, and add more.
As a new orbusvr player and as an old mmorpg player I miss a few things that I will list:

  1. global chat and a local chat, it really is very lonely to walk around alone and a chat with players interacting or even to know if there is a player on the map you are on would help a lot.
  2. all skills unlocked since level 1?
    usually you release skills during your journey and character growth, giving the feeling of evolution not only in equipment, it’s very strange to see a level 1 mage casting 3 firebol lv3 per second and being able to use any other skill at will.
  3. a ranked 1v1 3v3 arena for players to have fun and rewards.
  4. price of the game, a cheap game with a lot of people is better than an “expensive” game (if you don’t live in a European country or if the currency is euro and dollar) empty, there are other ways to make money with a mmorpg, it would be much more viable to make the game cheaper and sell skins and premium that would give some benefits, such as more weight capacity, less time to get home, a little faster ride, cash store with megaphone (your message would be read for every server)
    exclusive pets like tigers, bears and animals already in the game (who wouldn’t want a tiger as a pet?)
    orbusvr has a lot of potential to become big, but it lacks some things and I see that its price is still not accessible to everyone, and I met people from several countries, remembering if I’m here making this post it’s because I believe in the game of the game and the project.

1: It’s voice chat and not text chat, which is a little different from traditional MMOs. Having a global voice chat would be deafening :smiley: You can check how many people are in the zone you’re in by checking the shard you’re in, though. It’ll be named something like “C7D 32”. The first three letters/numbers are just the name of the shards (C7D) and the next number is the number of players in your zone (32…so probably Highsteppe lol)

2: OrbusVR is a skill based game. You’re given what you need to succeed, but then it’s up to you to learn how to use it. You have to develop the IRL skills to win in combat. Just because Fire 3 is unlocked at level 1 doesn’t mean you can reliably cast it. The idea is that the progression is in skill with your class, not progression via abilities unlocked. That’s why you’ll see level 30s with WILDLY different effectiveness in their classes. Some have spent the time to practice and become amazing with their class, others prefer a more laid back and casual approach. Their effectiveness in their class isn’t locked by leveling up, but rather by their skill :slight_smile: Side note: I’d like to meet anybody casting 3 Fire 3 a second lol

3: Gods I’d LOVE a dueling mechanic! Riley (the original head developer) had great ideas for PvP. Colosseum Style PvP Arena - #2 by Riley_D
Add in a 1v1 arena - #4 by Riley_D

But we never saw them completed.

4: I don’t know how the company is doing regarding money, but I know they’re VERY adamant that you should in no way gain in-game benefits by spending IRL money. I think there are exclusive pets in the cash shop as well as transmogs, but having a mini tiger would be dope! Funny enough, the weight capacity and faster ride are both available in game through overleveling!

TLDR: Dueling mechanic would be doooooooooooooope

  1. Although it sounds like a fun idea to have global chat, I agree with Mishka that it would be overwhelming for our ears, even more on weekends.
  2. I’ve had that type of thought so many times as well. You have a point on saying that. But wait, some things like fishing or brewing potions can be done since level 1, but can you really do it? Can you get the needed materials/fishes on low level? (Yeah, you can buy everything by auction. But again: do you make enough Dram for that on low level?) Can you go fishing in Wastelands on low level? So yeah, being able to do everything since level 1 doesn’t mean you should, which makes all skills based on your character’s level.
  3. Not saying anything for that, as I never play PVP.
  4. I don’t know about the price of OrbusVR in other parts of the world, actually. The price I payed to it was fair to me, in US. I have to agree that having advantages by using RLM is not fair. Some players are always willing to buy cosmetic items/DLCs to support the game, so it would be cool to have more of those to choose from. I love the idea of having wild beings as pets.
    It could be nice to think (long term) about servers in other languages in the future.
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Never played pvp?? You should definitely try it out


Maybe I will. Just need to make sure that

  1. I’m not carrying ANY droppables;
  2. I have some better equipment (at least +3);
  3. I learn how to put some tiles on that equipment;
  4. I improve my gameplay. My main for now is Musky, but nobody is able to do good battles with that class, is it? So I need to learn how to play better on a DPS class, and I’m terrible at them all.

sooo i feel like this wouldn’t work because of the way the game is structured but one point i really wanna look at is the price. i’m not sure about the conversion but the US price is not holding this game back. i could earn how much this game costs in like an hour and change. what’s holding the game back is a few things, the biggest being the platform it is played on. it is played on vr which is, well, expensive. no other way to put it. and tbh, if you’re struggling to pay $20 (again unsure about the conversion) i’m not entirely sure how you got the money to get a vr and possibly a laptop to run it. there’s also a cash shop that has stuff in it like the animals you mentioned. there’s also a chance i could have totally misinterpreted what you said.

i’m not sure what “skill’ you’re talking about but if you mean the spells, they aren’t all unlocked. some require you to explore but every class has a talent tree. you unlock talents as you level and even then, the game is skill based. just because cast big fireball doesn’t mean big damage. maybe big damage for one hit but not constant big damage.

you should certainly try pvp battlegrounds. you don’t lose anything and it’s an easy way to complete missions!

finally, i don’t mean this in an offensive way at all but it doesn’t sound like you’ve had much of a chance to really get into the game. i suggest getting into the endgame content, getting to know a fellowship (maybe even join one), and then see what you think.

side note, below are two screenshots. one is me, the best mage in the game, and the other is katsui, the worst mage in the game /j. we were both casting fireball but katsui hit significantly higher than me due to simply being better at mage. just because most spells are unlocked, doesn’t mean you’re instantly good at them.

tl;dr: get into the game, explore it, then rethink your feelings about it.

damn you’re really good at mage
xeno = 1

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This really confused me for about two seconds :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


What cool is that there are 2 different types of pvp! There is overworld and there is pvp battlegrounds. Overworld is for trickster and that’s where u drop your bags. Battlegrounds everyone is scaled to level 30 and you don’t drop anything plus you can get lots of mission xp


in some options can i play 1x1 or 2x2 with my friends? just for fun? without relying on queues, or losing an item?

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take out your items and do world pvp


Good solution , i’ll try

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