Addressing shaman bugs


Just wanted to start a thread to talk about all the bugs shamans are experiencing. Hopefully trying to gather enough data to make videos that replicate common bugs people are experiencing for dev review. Please explain the situation in which you are experiencing bugs. I’m aware of most common ones like orbs not spawning or lava totem bugging out but was wondering what other people where experiencing. Really would like more focus on fixing this class. Everyone seems focused on the raid and pvp when this class barely functions half the time.

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Reborn Patch 10.953

I would like to be able to “sheathe” the totems. Instead of sheathing making the tool belt items disappear or reappear (how it currently is), I want the totems and the bars to be what disappear and reappear. Even alternating between only-tools-out and only-totems-and-those-bars-out would be better than the current totems-and-bars-in-vision-always-out-no-matter-what-if-you’re-equipped-as-shaman.
Srsly. Even dragon racing, those bars are there in vision. Those bars are there trying to talk to an NPC / read anything. Those bars are constant and eternal with no way to shake, unless you unequip shaman itself for another class.
The shaman mask is invisible to all but the shaman wearing one’s own mask though we can’t see the mask of others. However, pretty sure they look like this:

In which case I’m grateful they’re invisible to others :no_mouth: but please send halp


I have a theory that the bug of disappearing totems and orbs are from being able to hide your belt instead of sheathe your weapon like other classes.
I play almost exclusively Shaman. I don’t like the other classes. I’m to the level of frustration now that I’d rather see them remove the Shaman all-together since they can’t seem to make the class work and it feels like it’s at the bottom of their to do list when it should be the highest of priorities, behind only voice communications breaking and client crashes/freezes. But maybe that’s just me; it sure feels that way.


I was trying to film the Shaman breaking and it seems like you can not break the orbs not spawning when you are alone in your house. When you get in a more crowded area it will break. My observations so far :man_shrugging: (idk if anyone got them to break inside their house. If so mention it)


same, could not get to break in house.


Never tried in house. Fear not. I’ll break it tomorrow.


Ok so I spent 10 min in house dummy and everything worked how it should. However, I went outside Highsteppe to go to the dummies there and once outside all of my totems were not spawned on my belt and then continued to bug out as per usual.

For whatever reason the bugs do not occur inside the player house.


So you left Highsteppe and they weren’t spawning? How were they bugging out after not spawning in? Did you log out and log back in again?


I left highsteppe to go to the dummy and the totems were no longer there. In highsteppe totems there; zone out totems gone. Have to unequip and reequip.

The same way they’ve been bugging out that I’ve posted about every day. Orbs stop spawning. Totems stop spawning.

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Oh ok I was missing the unequipping part… I have yet to replicate this still.


Are you only testing in the player house?
Use the dummy outside of highsteppe.
I’ll post video(s) later today.


No I actually never tested it there before


I have experienced orbs not spawning at least 30% of the time in dungeons and the overworld. Also sometimes lava and stun totem will not spawn on belt or proc when laid down. I will be posting videos on this thread tonight.


Thanks everyone definitely appreciate the help!


I just had 2 of my totems stop respawning while in lamavora, there was 1 other player in the whole shard for whatever that is worth


Videos posted. On the short 20 second one, I had literally just turned on orbus and logged in. Was already in front of the dummy. That’s how quick and often it bugs out.
Edit: the longer video has the totem respawn bug as well as the orb spawn bug

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They didnt seem to work at all during the world boss event too


Yeah it seems like other players around are breaking it. I couldn’t let it break in a dungeon either when alone.


Out of curiosity did you attack anything ? or just lay down totems and throw orbs