Advice for coming back?


School got me caught up and I’ve tried to give this game a try which I previously was in love with. I’m unsure how to play now, I was spat back in the tutorial and after gathering the mushrooms there was no follow-up. I basically teleported back to my house to try to play and notice highsteppe is different. Man it’s gorgeous but I really miss the airship and the open space to see everyone.

Where do I go? I am around level 7 with my highest weapon and I was able to do so many areas but now I cannot even fight a deer outside highsteppe. I’m not sure what I should be doing, it’s quite frustrating. I felt like I was so far previously with the main quest, killing the thieves and doing the escorts to get to guild city but now I cannot even leave the first area. I must be doing something wrong, so I hope you guys can help me. I searched the forum a bit to get caught up but there’s not much.


Do the missions that the mission vendors provide you with. Darius, Pierre Cenn, Sicilus (Idk how to spell it), etc. There isn’t really a main story quest anymore unfortunately…


There should be some more follow up quests from the tutorial guy - he is where you start a couple different quests.

As far as the dying to everything. The Reborn world is level scaled, meaning that mobs in general are harder. The few mobs which are not level scaled include the wildlife (deer, foxes, bears, tigers, etc.) and a few groups whose icons are surrounded by white brackets. Therefore, the deer are actually harder to kill at lower levels than the surrounding stick men mobs. :woman_shrugging:

(Some info about level scaling from when it was first implemented in old Orbus: Patch 6.95: Dynamic Scaling, Dungeon Queuing, and more! Reborn doesn’t have 1:1 scaling though. I’m not a good person to explain it in detail, but basically it allows you to kill lower level mobs slightly quicker without being able to one-shot mobs while at the same time, it is still more difficult to kill higher leveled mobs as a solo player but not impossible)

There is no single MSQ anymore. If you didn’t finish it in old Orbus, you cannot do so anymore. Instead, there are mission givers (6 or 7 in Highsteppe) who give missions worth xp and ‘rep’. Increasing rep with a mission giver unlocks that mission givers lore quests, which don’t give xp, but do give rep.


I think the Explorers League stuff is the new MSQ


If that’s true, that is the most boring and lame main story quest ever. I hope they expand upon it.


They promised an expansion on it, upcoming soon.

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also if you have your weapon from old orbus it will be incorrectly scaled and do way less damage than a sword of your level would do, this could also contribute to dying to everything.
at level 7 the deer shouldn’t be much issue

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The deer aren’t scaled right? Maybe they have been changed since the last time I hit one on an alt, but any new player would have died at such a low level.


Thanks for all the responses guys. I’ve felt out the game a bit more but man, it’s really disheartening each step I take forward, especially hearing the storyline is gone.

As I’m figuring everything out again I got, of course, another couple of questions. What happened to the fisherman class? Are the skill levels still there? For reference, I quit when talent trees had just come out. I was very much attached to the WoW-like structure but it seems this isn’t here anymore. Can you get the journal maps still? I recognize everything from those pages way more than the new map. Sorry for the bombardment of help, I’ve done some searching around and the only thing that really offers much are the reviews to the game. Thanks again everyone.


Also are the funny potions still there? I remember doing a quest to get one that made you giant and thought it was the funniest thing ever. Me and my friends spent our time trying to find them off the shops in guild city so we could fight while giant.


Fisherman isn’t a class anymore, but you can get reputation from the fishing mission vendor.

The giant potion, ithecac, and ruined potions are still here!


Talent trees are still there - look in the inventory menu. They’re a tab at the top left of your equipped gear screen. All of your talents were reset for Reborn so you’ll need to choose them again.

Journal maps should be in your journal. You may have to finish the new tutorial first? I honestly don’t remember except I know I have all of them…

Instead of equipping the fishing rod as a weapon, equip it in a tool slot and your lure in the other tool slot. Previous fishing level translated into rep with the fishing vendor (Chef Lethrow).

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