Patch 6.95: Dynamic Scaling, Dungeon Queuing, and more!


Good morning everyone!

Later today we will be deploying Patch 6.95 on both the client and server with some exciting new changes for the game.

Dynamic Scaling

Beginning with this patch, we have the ability to designate some content in the game as dynamically scaled. What this means is that regardless of your actual level, the enemies that you fight will scale the damage that you deal and the damage that you receive such that it feels like fighting an “Even Match” same-level monster.

A few notes on this feature:

  • You will still see the same damage amounts appear as when fighting any other monster in the game. So for example a Level 20 fighting a dynamically scaled monster might see 1200 damage from their attacks hitting, while a Level 5 might see 100. The amount of damage the monster is receiving based on how quickly their health bar is declining will be the same between them, though.
  • If you attack a dynamically scaled monster, you will receive a buff that lasts for 1 minute which causes any healing that you receive to be scaled as well. This means that a Level 5 Musketeer can heal a Level 20 ally just as well as a Level 20 can. It also means that a Level 20 healer can’t just instantly top off a Level 5 ally with one Renew orb making them invincible.
  • As a caveat to all of this, however, the way that the system works still allows for some scaling of damage above “normal” for highly-geared characters. So for example, a Level 20 in Raid-tier gear will do more damage than a Level 20 in basic gear. So you still do get an advantage for being better-geared for your level compared to other players of the same level. It’s just that you will no longer one-shot Level 5 monsters because you are Level 20.
  • The rewards in terms of drops that you receive from killing dynamically scaled monsters are based on your level. So if you fight a monster as a Level 19, you will receive Level 19 gear. Note that this caps out at Level 19 gear and does not extend to Level 20+ gear, you still have to go do Tradu Mines and Shard Dungeons to receive that.

We are turning on this feature in this patch for the Cave Dungeon (Maeo’s Sanctum), Rainforest Dungeon, and Desert Dungeon. So you can now do any of those dungeons with a mixed-level group and still find a compelling experience.

Dungeon Queuing

This leads to our next major feature of the day, dungeon queuing. If you go into the Social tab and choose Activities, you will find a new feature which allows you to queue for dungeons. When doing so, you will be asked to choose a role (either Tank, Healer, or DPS – or a mix of these). Once you have selected your role, you will be entered into the queue and matched with an appropriate group.

When your match is found, you will be instantly teleported into the dungeon and placed into a party with your new group. (Note that any existing party you were in will be overwritten by this). After completing the dungeon, or at any time if you wish to end the dungeon run, you can exit through the dungeon entrance portal and you will be returned to the spot you were in the world when the queue “popped.”

In addition to queuing for dungeons, our queuing system now allows groups to join. When you are in a party, only the Party Leader can initiate a queue. Once they have done so, it will ask all party members to select a role. Then it will place you all into the queue together, and match your party up with other players to fill out your group appropriately. Note that depending on your group’s composition and roles, you may have to wait longer than when queuing as a single person.

The queue will (for now) only place you in the Cave, Desert, or Jungle dungeons, and since those are now dynamically scaled, that means any player in OrbusVR can join a queue and be placed with a group regardless of level. We’re hoping this really opens up the ability for newer and veteran players alike to join together and do a fun activity. Alongside this, the week’s Defend the Realm monster slaying requirement will be focused around these three dungeon’s bosses – so basically the best and quickest way to meet your Defend the Realm requirement this week will be to use the new queuing system!

We still have a lot of work that we want to do to further improve this feature, such as for example allowing you to choose to accept or decline the queue after it “pops”, to allow you to choose specific dungeons to queue for, and to offer daily rewards for veteran players for using the queue. But even in its current state, it should add a welcome new activity for players of all levels, and we’re excited to bring it to you!

Defend the Realm Rewards

We’ve updated the leaderboard with a list of all the possible Defend the Realm rewards. In particular:

  • The Defender’s Crown will be a transmog hat style signifying your efforts.
  • The Defender of Patreayl will be a title available to choose in the new titles system we are bringing to Reborn.
  • The Dev Final Boss reward, if unlocked, will see us put in the time to develop a special type of World Boss that one of the Dev Team members can directly get online and control, so you can fight us as an actual boss in the world before Reborn launches.

Other Changes

  • The Raid Shop vendors now allow you to purchase the pet for that raid for 75 tokens.

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This is what in most excited about for sure ! :joy::heart:


Is xp in these dungeons dynamically scaled as well? I.e. Can I use the queue for leveling?


Yes, you receive the same amount of XP as you would for killing an even-match monster in the overworld.


Have y’all considered an increased non-gear item drop rate with dynamically scaled monsters? I feel like this update will just make me play the game less if things get harder and there’s no reward.


Will this work for sharded dungeons?


The system is only for the first three dungeons right now with our first implementation, which matches the dungeon queuing also featuring those dungeons (and Defend The Realm needing kills from them.)


We’re not planning on rolling this out to anything beyond the leveling dungeons and then specific monsters for the Defend the Realm event for this version of the game.


@Riley_D can I still farm for low level gear I need for transmog if I have a high level character?


Never mind, read it properly now. Np


is there going to be any drop rate changes to balance the economy with this patch, such as reagent drops/dram farming stuffs? u already said that only some mobs will be level scaled, but that will lead to problems in its own right as the low level noob mobs will get constantly farmed by high levels hurting the noobs


The level scaling at this point is only for the dungeons, so everything is unchanged for the rest of the game for the time being.


So basically since dungeon farming for dram isn’t viable after the patch, low level areas will be farmed to death by high level characters?

Nevermind, apparently thats not the case as per the unofficial discord

Apparently this is the case after all


Did the shard mutations get changed?


The mobile version of your website is unreadable


Also can I give the devs who will control the world boss pvp lessons so that they are unkillable? or can i just be the world boss?


It’s not really a concern but is there priority for lower levels in the queuing system?
Like do lower levels get matched with higher levels so the game knowledge is leveled or do high levels generally get matched with other high levels and vice versa?


Nope. Based on time in queue, party size, and roles selected.

I want to keep queue times low as possible obviously, so I’ll be keeping an eye on how many people queue and the average queue time for players. Then I may be making tweaks based off of that.