Patch 6.95: Dynamic Scaling, Dungeon Queuing, and more!


yes, but doesnt that then only push high level players to crowd into lower level zones and farm those instead, but life more difficult for new lower level players


Isn’t this what is already happening?
I don’t farm but I would assume you killed easy-to-kill mobs for the drops.


u used to just do it in dungeons,mao if ranger jungle if mage, but now u cant do that so it will really start happening in the overworld


Sounds interesting as long as it is restricted to dungeons, since my only dram source is farming low level mobs currently :smiley:
(And I did not use dungeons for farming except for the transmog gear… the drop rate outside seems much better; with current player amount and respawn rates this was working just fine, I always find places where I am alone…).

Queue sounds VERY interesting, cool stuff. Though I hope that, if it works, it is applied to shard dungeons too. Also the roles could be an issue because most players can switch to several roles which could lead to unnecessary delays… but it’s all a matter of testing I guess, very excited to try it out.


I remember reading in another older post about maxed levelled players will still have their exp bar go up while doing level scaled content and be rewarded once the bar is full again, I don’t see anything in this post about the rewards for maxed levelled players, is there any rewards for maxed levelled players taking part in the level scaled stuff or is that all coming later?


I have a concern about this for reborn. Since we used to fight hard/impossible monsters to get more xp but now every monster will always be even-match, wouldn’t grinding be much slower than it is now since there’s no way to get more xp from tougher enemies?


Sounds like this only happens if you use the group finder so players can still farm dungeons just fine.


I guess the question becomes, is the plan to implement this in the overworld, or is it just to get a single dungeon queue for all levels so that people can find groups quickly.


They said reborn will be completely level-scaled (except end-game)


Read discord daynab clarified that that is wrong


Oh really? Shucks that’s gonna create some disturbances then prolly


@Lok tadaaaaaa

That thru the entire dungeon is fantastic. And no that’s not sped up (been accused of that in the past :joy:)


Those three dungeons in particular will now always be level scaled, correct.

Reborn is not going to be the same in terms of leveling. Just straight-up grinding mobs is not going to be a significant source of XP, rather the missions and activities you layer on top of that (of which some require you to just go kill mobs) will be the major source of XP. So essentially, this is not really going to be an issue because it was never the plan for “take on more difficult mobs and grind 1,000 of them to level up” to be the fastest way to level up, anyway.


Will the missions be similar to ff14 fates? Different temporary objectives on a loop that gives exp according to contribution?


Will we be getting an additional source of equipment from these missions or quests, or will the primary method of equipment gathering under top level be mob grinding still?


Sort-of. I don’t want to go into too much detail right now since it’s not all set in stone and I don’t want to disappoint anyone if the plan changes, but basically you are going to have multiple different activities in the game and for each one you can choose to do a certain number of weekly missions; for each of these missions, you can choose to do a Bronze, Silver, or Gold difficulty level. So that would be sort of like taking on the extra challenge of fighting upper-level mobs for more XP, would do the Gold version of the mission. They’re meant to be useful not only while leveling but also while at end-game, though.

Yes you get XP and other rewards for doing them including gear and resources.


Sounds like there was some confusion and this will be the case unless I’m mistaken?


Ya per daynab
“Okay so my apologies, I misunderstood what we were planning to do internally and we are making the first 3 dungeons level scaled in general, queued or non-queued. Sorry for the confusion.”

As far as the weekly quest systems go, I really hope that’s not the only thing u can do to level, because what happens if u get all your weekly done? There isn’t much reason to log in anymore, and dungeons are only good for helping u get a tiny help for one level
I have always been a fan of how much effort u put in is how much xp u get, but this would normalize everyone and force everyone to get the same xp, no matter the effort put in


This is why I really don’t like discussing this stuff ahead of doing like a blog post explaining the entire system.

At this point I’ve explained one mechanic that’s involved in XP and other rewards, there are others as well, including ones that are “XP boosts available one time only” that are not on a weekly reset timer. Since those are available and you don’t have to wait to do them, that is what you’ll be doing a lot of if you are trying to level up as quickly as possible. The weekly mission XP is sort of like rested XP in that regard.

At any rate, none of this really has anything to do with the purpose of this thread, which is to discuss the update coming out today. We’ll be supplying a lot more info on Reborn and how things are changing in that regard after we get back from OC5.


So will we have to wait until reborn (where we still gain xp) to see any benefit in fighting dynamically scaled content as a level 20?