Patch 6.95: Dynamic Scaling, Dungeon Queuing, and more!


I was kind of looking forward to the additional incentive to run this stuff and surprise pug groups. Maybe a fistful of runemage reagents or a potion or special dyes?


At this very moment the incentive would be to complete the Realm Defender weekly points. We are hoping to get some kind of daily reward chest type of deal going in the current version of the game soon as well.


Dope af. Looking forward to that.


Client-side patches are now available on both Steam and Oculus, please restart to get them immediately.

Server-side restart will happen in about 10 minutes to roll out the patch. Thanks!


We just experienced a server-side crash caused by the new queuing system. We are working on a fix now. Stand by.


Ok, first impression this is really really fun, we ended up with 3 alphabets and a new level 10 player (tank) who obviously never did the desert dungeon :smiley: … I think there is much potential in that, specially for players below 20. For those 20 or shard geared hmmmm it’s fun to try out but I don’t really see the point in doing this more often than a couple times… the damage is intense, it did not feel like a lvl 1 shard dungeon, rather a higher one. Yet the drops are all useless (least for those who farmed their transmog gear already).

How about, since the dmg is somehow scaled to people, scaling the drops too, so there is at least a chance to get average gear drops of level one is wearing - or at least the lowest gear level one is wearing! - from bosses?


Hmmm…it shouldn’t feel that high haha. You felt like the incoming or outgoing damage was that high? Or both?


No, the incoming. Perhaps I expected it to be easy, like a plain normal dungeon, but Rickness is likely wearing highest gear possible and he was takin more dmg - he tanked also when it turned out it’s bit too hard for the lvl 10 - than I am used to from (any shard) desert dungeons.


It felt harder than shard dungeons but that might have been because we had a level 10 tank on the 1st dungeon and level 8 on the second and they didn’t really understand what they needed to do

While we were in the second dungeon we had a level 2 ranger, level 11 mage and level 20 mage, the healer in the desert dungeon was out-healing them


Perhaps it was also the big surprise that it’s hard at all, I didn’t really bother until I noticed this is really hard… and I am still thrilled that we can basically play with any level, perhaps there should be a little level threshhold though, like level 5, since an ungeared lvl 1 who doesn’t know anything is not really useful, specially when it comes to tanking.

If there was any incentive for higher players, potions, gear, material drops, whatever, I feel this is a great way to pull newer players into the community and have them stick to the game.


Yeah honestly I think maybe we just need to make it a little easier in general, it’s not supposed to feel as hard a Shard Dungeon by any means. It’s kind of hard to tell how much of that is just people not knowing mechanics and how much of it is the actual “even match” tuning being too high.

So would you say the thing that felt most different/difficult was the amount of damage the monsters were doing to you, or the lack of damage you were doing to the monsters (e.g. it felt like it took too long to kill them)?


What about a token shop for this. Something where you could exchange tokens for a vriety of things ranging from dyes to normal raid tokens or a cape if it’s easy enough to implement?


I definitely need more experience, only did 1 dungeon and now sadly its close midnight :smiley: … but whenever mobs were on me I was down in no time and in normal dungeons I can outheal hits for quite a while; and then there was alot of dmg on both tanks too.
It did not feel like they were going down slowly, no, but I literally was playing with 3 of the best players in the game I think, so of course in other groups with mages practicing spells and so on all that can be different.


I recived a 0 damage forged blade :-p


From a level-scaled boss? Or a regular enemy?


Level scale boss I think. 1 weight that’s all :–p


That’s what you get for bringing the stall auction back ahahahahaha just kidding.
Haven’t try it yet can’t wait!
Thanks Rlley and the team for still putting new stuff to this realm :smiley: I appreciate your hard work!


So it looks like you got a Emtattled Striker from the boss drop, that Forged Blade came from a random trash drop. I’ll look into it.


That’s hilarious does it do damage at all when you hit something with it?


Okay so we are going to be doing a quick server restart in about 5 minutes. Hopefully the matchmaking error that caused that crash should be fixed and there won’t be any further crashes (it was just once and it’s been running for 45 minutes since then with no issues, so it was probably just a random one-off thing).

We’ll continue to monitor throughout the evening.

In addition, we tuned it so that dynamically scaled monsters should do a little less damage and be a little less resilient.