Patch 6.95: Dynamic Scaling, Dungeon Queuing, and more!


So just a quick note, we’ve found an error in our implementation that we weren’t aware of, right now if you are in a party and want to queue together, you all have to be in the same zone when you initiate the queue and complete the role selection. After that you can spread out to other zones and when the queue “pops” in will work properly. We’re working on fixing that up for a patch later this week.



Burnator relogged while in the dungeon and it put him back in highsteppe, not sure if this happens every time as I’ve gone to bed now, just thought I’d mention it


anyone else unable to log in after the update?


Is there anyway you would consider only activating the level scaling if a group of 2+ enter the zone? Not being able to step into a low level dungeon and solo at 20 is silly.


I dont know how far you wanted level scaling to go but i can confirm a Lv 1 warrior cannot tank the new dungeons. my provoke dosent generate enough agro to keep them on me.


Oh interesting, that might actually be a bug with the aggro not adjusting as the damage does, I will take a look at that.

EDIT: It looks like aggro caused by direct attacks is getting scaled properly but not aggro caused by aggro-only effects like when you get aggro for blocking with your shield. We’ll get a fix out for that first thing tomorrow, thanks for reporting that.


I agree with @Infraggable_Krunk , it would be nice for it to be activated when 2+ people enter the dungeon or increase the rate drop for runemage reagents throughout the game, or else the the level 20’s will constantly be killing the redtails in highstepp. :joy:


Easy fix! Level scale the redtails…


hah! okay if you die while I am a musky, you are forking over a runemage reagent, and you can do all our teleporation spells when we run shards.:grimacing:


It also occurs to me. I can no longer as a 20 agree to help a low level go kill the mother dragon in Mao for the early quest. Have had quite a few times of “Hey man can you help me with this quest?” when near Guild City. Usually I would group up and help them get that quest done and talk about the game. Now it will be “Uh, que up and hope for a mao?”


I’m not really sure what’s different there. You can still choose to go to the dungeon just like you could before. In fact we did a test earlier today where we had a couple of low levels that were able to do that pull without much trouble, so now instead of having to find a Level 20 to help you, you just need to find 1 player of any level. Then on top of that you can now queue up and possibly get that dungeon anyway, which might mean you can get it done without even having to find someone specific to help. It seems like from the low-level player’s perspective, it’s much better.

I get that some folks were using dungeons as solo farming grounds for things (Runemage reagents and dram are they two I have heard thus far), but that was not really what they were designed for. That’s something we’ll need to address for sure if it’s leaving a hole in the economy, but that’s like saying we shouldn’t have made a change back in the early days of the game to how World Boss loot worked because everyone was farming them for gear.


so is the way its meant to work now is for lvl 20s to dominate cenns farm, or another over world equivalent?


I think it would make more sense to come up with a better way for 20’s to get Runemage reagents than to have to spam kill extremely low-level creatures. I’m not sure what that is yet but I am working on it.


i still like the idea of having a massive amount of low level mobs with super low respawns in a designated wilds area as deticated grind areas, and the benefits from being there would vastly out weigh low level zones


Though the shards are a really nice way of making some extra cash, but many cant make it to the higher level shards to claim the 2k dram for the day. Perhaps some small rare-ish drops added to higher leveled mobs in shards/raids/and dungeons that can be sold to venders for some side dram. I don’t think it needs to be some fantastical fully rendered item, just a jpg of a golden egg or whatever that sell for a few grand and you could expect a drop from a full raid clear, one from every other shard, and dungeon run.


Possibly a equippable Trinket which could make you gain them at a slow rate doing actives in Orbus, However I think some players spam low dungeons for them and other items as a method for farming dram.


Made a full group and queued up for a dungeon run. Seemed to take 5-10 seconds once we all locked in for us to teleport in, so some type of indicator that something is happening would be a nice addition.

We got the desert dungeon, seemed largely ok, maybe 30% below T1 shard with no mutations overall. The one thing that stood out was the healers taking disproportionately longer to kill than anything else. I can see how lower geared/practiced/affixed/tileset’d players could struggle with overcoming that healing. Seems like a similar issue to what we saw in the shard dungeons, where healing seemed to scale way faster/higher than everything else.

Beat the dungeon, got 60 dram from the chest, and then graveyarded to entrance and zoned out back to our starting location successfully.


Okay, thanks for testing it out and for the feedback on the tuning!


I keep returning to different spots when I leave the dungeon… highstep, my house, outside rainforest dungeon and kingsport.

My game also freezes if I leave the group in the dungeon.


After you queue up, when you leave teh dungeon entrance the first time, you end up in a random spot?