Affixes not working

I just got a bow with Lightining Forged and tested it but it doesn’t seem to work.
Also bleed is still not doing the proper damage.

Still wanting to use my lifepull gun. :cowboy_hat_face:

Lightning Forged and Lifepull are not in game yet, but they are on our list.

A couple issues with my affixes:

  • When attacking a boss with a giantkiller weapon, the numbers will show up like critical hits even if they’re not.
  • Just got a Bleed bow and it still does less damage than it should on the lv20 dummy (about 200%).

I will fix this in this morning’s patch

Can you give me specific numbers you’re basing that on? Like I assume you are just doing basic arrow attacks until it triggers? What is the amount of damage of that basic arrow and what is the Bleed tick you are seeing?

Charged strikes seems to not trigger on every 15th hit (though it’s hard to reliably test with our normal crit chance). Life steal still doesn’t heal enough to be a viable affix (all classes. Not just warrior). Any news on when lifepull and lightning forged will be Ingame? Many of us have these affixes and are eager to test them.

Lightning forged is definitely already working, I saw it proc myself a couple of days ago while I was testing. There is no effect right now but the nearby monsters will suddenly take damage.

I mean, Charged Strike code-wise seems fine to me. Also it’s set to 10 hits right now not 15. Are you saying you are seeing more than 10 hits go by without a crit? The way it works is every 10th strike you will get a guaranteed strike, but then your normal 15% chance to Crit is also happening, so you should always see at least one crit every 10 strikes, but you may also see more than that. Also keep in mind that it triggers on any type of damage you deal, so it could be on an ability or on just a regular basic attack. I will add some more logging today to make sure I see it proccing just to be sure.

I still haven’t gone back and fully balanced them all so it’s possible Life Steal may get a boost, but if you’re expecting it to be something where you’re getting 25% of your damage back as healing it’s never going to be that. I think right now it’s 1% and I may bump it up to 3% or something like that, but that’s about it.

I’d love to see it at 3% even 2% would be more noticeable.

I definitely crit often, so I know the affix functions (with and without +50 crit strike). I just couldn’t determine the correct amount for the guarantee. Good to know it triggers on abilities too.

Personally I don’t have lightning forged but I’ll tell Sour and Draven to try them out again!

I sat and hit the dummy for awhile with charged strikes and while I was critting fairly regularly- looking now I also didn’t crit on my of my tenth hits (ex: no crit on 10,20,30,40,50 ect). I had two streaks of non Crits that were 10 hits long and then I got it on the 11th. There was no common denominator for critical hits under 80 which is where I stopped.

I used only frostbolt on the level 20 dummy, recorded it, then made a list of my hits to verify.

As I said, I will add some more logging on this today to verify that it is working as intended.

Basic arrow’s damage: 566
Bleed’s tick: 291 (4 ticks)
Bleed’s total damage: 1164

So…it should be ticking for 5 ticks. I will verify that it is. If it were doing 5 ticks, then that would be correct. The armor of the monster reduces the damage of the basic arrow a little, and then it will reduce the damage again on each tick of Bleed. So the 5 ticks should add up to like say 280% of the damage depending on your relative level to the monster. (A same-level monster has around 20% damage reduction from Armor).

Okay so following up on all of this:

  1. Charged strikes is definitely working correctly. You are getting a guaranteed crit every 10 strikes.

  2. Lighting Forged is also procing, although I only saw two procs of it…but I don’t know if that’s because the chance to proc is too low or if there’s just no one running around with one as their primary weapon at this point because they don’t know if it works. Again, there is no VFX right now (and there needs to be), and stuff has to be in range when it procs for it to do anything, but I did see it working.

  3. There is a bug which will be fixed in the next server-side patch where Status Effects are sometimes ticking for one less tick than intended. So that is what is affecting Bleed right now. Once that is fixed it will be working correctly.

  4. I will be re-balancing a couple of the affixes in the next patch.

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I tried running around and testing this for a while, and it was hard to verify it was working at all. I’m not sure how short the range is, but I tried attacking the one dummy for a while with it, and never saw damage applied to the other. Not sure if it needs to be an aggro target or not, but I tried a bit with that too and didn’t see any cases of it happening. So, maybe proc rate, maybe distance?

I used my lifesteal sword during our Sanyael raid. I’m not sure what your system tracks, but I thought you might get some useful info off it (non-stop attacking/procs)

I tested Lightning Forged in a dungeon for an hour and i didn’t see a single proc (i know it doesn’t have an animation but i didn’t notice any damage at all).

Also charged strikes procs every 11th hit, not 10

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Lightning forged is definitely proccing (as I log every time it happens), but the additional enemies do have to be fairly close together.

Feb 10 23:42:23 game-1 zone-L52LLyW0fQ2RY2g9n8-: info LIGHTNING FORGED PROC
Feb 10 23:42:23 game-1 zone-L52LLyW0fQ2RY2g9n8-: info HIT 2 EXTRA TARGETS

I’ll look at the Charged Strikes proc.

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Can you confirm life pull is working? Say people say it doesn’t seem like it.

Life Pull is definitely not working yet. Life Steal (and the rest) are.

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This might be a stupid question but does lightning strike require multiple enemies for it to proc (ie: will it proc on just one mob)?

The wording isn’t clear:
Lightning Forged: All of your attacks have a small chance of triggering an arc of lightning, which damages the creature you attacked as well as nearby enemies.