Alchemy difficulties


ruined potion everytime
I have had people walk me through it and it still comes out ruined

Just to be sure,

  • Add 1 Queen’s Ear when the water is still.
  • Wait for it to bubble until it goes to Yellow. It will go from Blue, to Turquoise, to Green, to Yellow. Once it’s Yellow, add 1 Roto Spore, then within 5 seconds (while it’s still Yellow) add 1 Queen’s Ear. The order does matter, so make sure you are adding the Roto Spore first, followed by the Queen’s Ear second.
  • After 5 seconds it will go back to Blue. At that point add 1 Sunfish.
  • Take the bottle and dip it in.

If you need an additional ingredient to try again let me know.

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That didn’t work for me yesterday either. I was doing what you mentioned. I had no problem making them in other test. When I get on later tonight, if I’m still having problems, I will record it.

Okay let me know. I will test it again as well to make sure it’s working.

I do use 2 hands to drop in the roto spore(left hand)and queens ear (right hand) I wonder if that matters.

I just tested it and it worked fine for me. Here’s a video of me doing it just now:

Hope that helps!

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The only difference between mine and yours is I was using 2 hands. Does it work for you when you use 2 hands?

It should, yeah…I mean the only thing that matters is when the ingredient hits the “water”. As you can see when that happens there is text that pops up that says “+ Roto Spore”. So I would just make sure that you’re adding them in the right order and seeing that “+” text pop up for each in the right order.

I was, I’ll try again tonight. I’ll let you know if I have any problems.

Sure, and if you run into problems and record a video I’m more than happy to take a look at it for you.

I made a healing potion 5 minutes ago. Works as intended as long as you go Yellow blue (opposite of the journal). Snow tried it after me and was successful

Hmmmmm…so you’re saying the journal is different than what I posted? I will take a look.

I have been having troubles as well - still trying to cross off the healing potion from last beta… tired of fishing for sunfish only to have a ruined potion over and over… will be trying again this evening… hope I don’t waste to much more time lol…

Blue, to Turquoise, to Green, to Yellow.

I thought it was Blue->Green->Yellow->Blue? I just watched your video and I saw you throw it in when it was yellow. But in your video it went Blue->Green->Yellow->Blue.

Watch it again. It starts Blue, then after I add the first ingredient it goes Turquoise, Green, Yellow.

I can’t see it happen. I only see it go blue, green, yellow.

Haha, I mean the turquoise is a different shade of green-ish color than the green…if you count the bubbles you will see they happen 4 times. Each color lasts for 5 seconds if that helps.

I think I’m colour blind…

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I got it, I’m color blind so the bright green looked yellow to me

I did the exact same thing I did last night and now it works. Not sure why but it works just fine. I made some healing potions.