Alpha: Known Issues

There are a couple of bugs we’re tracking I just want to make sure everyone is aware of.

If you load into the game and there is nothing around you (no monsters, NPCs, or other players)

You are most likely stuck between zones. Go to your Settings menu in your Player Menu, and choose “Return to Graveyard.” This will place you back at the correct zone. It may be far away from where you were.

If you end up in an unfamiliar area with a bunch of birch trees and nothing else around, you are probably in the Wilds zone. Head to the right through the pass and over the bridge and you should be back in the plains area. Sorry about that.

If you can’t switch your weapons (e.g. during the tutorial quest)

You are probably stuck in combat. Go to your Player Menu and choose the “Stuck in Combat” option to fix it.