Alpha Test 6 Feedback Thread

You know the drill, let us know what’s going on during the test tomorrow here!

So just to keep everyone up to date, we’ve started noticing a small “hiccup” that is happening in the game client about once every 2-3 seconds on some of our testing rigs. We’re not totally sure what’s going on with that yet. It doesn’t make the game unplayable by any means but it is really annoying.

A new version of SteamVR was just released for Unity like 22 hours ago (yay timing), so we’re working through that to see if it might be something to do with that. Or it might be something to do with a few of the last minute changes we made last night. We’re honestly not sure.

I wanted to let you all know because it’s very likely there will be a patch released right around the time that the Alpha begins. In addition to that if the problem is still present we’ll keep working on it throughout the day to hopefully track down the issue.

I’ll post a new message on here when the patch is available to download. Thanks for your patience.

Okay so the new patch will be going out in about 20 minutes, the problem seems to be resolved.

I honestly don’t know what was causing it, it seems like just re-starting SteamVR itself fixed it, perhaps? Go figure. Anyway, we’ll just wait and see what type of issues you all do/don’t have and go from there, but I’m optimistic that it was just a glitch caused by all the craziness we put our testing rigs through (running SteamVR for 10 days straight probably isn’t super typical).

Anticipation Building :heart_eyes:

Wow sour. I thought there was an update but it was just you!

The patch is out now!

The server is now online! Enjoy!

In addition to the usual testing feedback, we’re especially interested in feedback on the Tutorial quest with Guardian Bart, as well as if you are getting any graphical slowdown/stuttering with the new weather effects.

Player journal is bugged when I pull it out. Shows the first page with two grey open pages clipped on the bottom to edges of it.

I am also experiencing the stutter every 3 seconds. I will submit an output.

This is what’s happening when I try to open the Player Journal. Am I doing it wrong?

Okay, what fixed the stuttering for us was switching to the SteamVR Beta. Then when we switched back to the non-Beta it was still gone, so we just assumed it was something to do with our specific setup. So you might try that and see if that helps.

On the tutorial quest, you mean it wouldn’t move past the part where you were supposed to equip your bow? And you were previously a Warrior before you equipped it?

Haha, no that is definitely not right.

Very weird. What kind of graphics card do you have?

I restarted and did exactly as the tooltips said this time. Maybe it was swiping down with my finger to bring up the menu instead of pressing the menu button. I also put it into my right hand instead of my left first.
I have successfully gotten through it though.

Yeah Zard that is what happens to mine to. I run an nvidia 1080.

GTX 980 Ti (20 characters :slight_smile: )

If you were unable to login and were supposed to be in the second zone (the Plains area), there was a bug that was causing an infinite-refresh loop on the server. It should be fixed now.

Okay, thanks, working on a fix for the journal now.

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Tutorial feels pretty smooth. Easy to understand but perhaps less so information in terms of first time player. I think it could do with more explanation on how to actually access the inventory and becoming familiar with the items around you such as the compass before going onto using the weapons. I have only half done the tutorial so far so some of these things might be mentioned later.

Something feels incomplete about it but it is a good start.

ALSO - please make the recognition of waving easier for the npcs to engage. The tutorial npc takes a few waves to get it to recognise it in the right place, sometimes more. Other than that great start!

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Alright spoke to soon it talks of compass at the end… HOWEVER

MY JOURNAL IS UPSIDE DOWN haha… well… turn compass over and the journel is grey and the page to read is upside down lodged inside the grey model of the journal, steam is not working great to get a screen shot (doesnt seem to save them)… but it is unreadable in any case.

Had my niece try doing the tutorial. this may be because it was on my old character, but when it told her to pull out the sword, she had no idea how. the warrior tutorial is smooth, but when we got to the ranger tutorial, we are currently stuck and dont know what to be doing. maybe introducing the journal before starting the tutorial would allow players to see their progress and look for the next steps. still not sure what we need to be doing! (doesnt help the journal is currently bugged)

Yeah sorry about that we’re working on a fix. You should still be able to turn the page to complete the tutorial haha.

Just started the quest with Bart but I am unable to attack the dummy with my sword. I didn’t follow directions exactly, though, so maybe that’s the problem: immediately after I received the quest, I pulled out my equipped weapon – but it was the wand. I then equipped my sword and shield, but I can’t attack anything. Also unable to interact with Bart now (even though he has the “speak to me to continue your training” test out.)