Closed Alpha Test 6

Hey everyone,

Closed Alpha Test 6 begins tomorrow at 12 PM (Noon) US Central Time! (Countdown Clock) Here’s everything you need to know:

Preview Blog Posts

There are 2 blog posts covering all the new content in this test:

Player Journal Preview
Alpha Test 6 Preview

Alpha Client Download

There’s a new version out of the Launcher, v0.6, which you can download here:

The patch for this test is now available for download. Just launch the Launcher and it should automatically begin to update your client.

Feedback Thread

You can leave your feedback, bug reports, and other questions during the test in this thread:

Twitch Stream

As with previous tests, we’ll be streaming for a few hours once the test begins. It’s a great place to hang out and chat with us about the game! Check out our Twitch channel and subscribe if you want to be notified of when we start streaming:

Patch Notes

The detailed Patch Notes of what changed for this test are available now on the Wiki:

See you in-game tomorrow!