Alpha Test 7 Feedback Thread

Alpha Test 7 is nearly here! This is the thread you can let us know about issues or questions you’re having during the test.

FYI, there is a new, moderately sized patch that will be going out in just about 15 minutes, with some last minute additions. In particular, there is now a Graphics Quality options in the Settings menu which allows you to choose from High (Default), Medium, and Low. The Medium option is recommended if you have a “minimum” spec VR PC.

EDIT: The patch is now available, just restart your Launcher to get it. See you tomorrow morning!

About 15 minutes until the server will be coming online.

If it’s your first time, something to keep in mind is that usually the first hour or so can be a little rough as that’s when all the new edge-case bugs end up crashing things while we sort them out. I’ll be updating this thread as needed to let you all know what’s going on, as well. And please let us know if you run into any issues getting your character created, etc.

See you soon!

The server is now up. Enjoy!

If you’re a Founder you may be stuck at “Loading characters…” sorry about that, give me just a moment to fix it.

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Okay that should be fixed, just restart the game and you’re good to go. Sorry for the delay!

Just did a quick soft reset to the starter zone to fix a Player Pet issue.

So I’m starting to get some bug reports in on crashes (which is great! thanks!) But pease try to be more specific if possible by what you mean by “crash.” For example, do you mean the entire program closed and you were back at the Desktop? Or do you mean that the SteamVR thing came up and acted like it was waiting on something forever so you forced closed the game? Etc.

Can’t seem to turn in ravenous redtail. The second part where it says they have returned. I killed all 20 and then went back to marcel but can’t turn it in. Doesn’t have a quest indicator over his head. Player Book says I have 20/20

Yeah something must be wrong there, just hang on to that quest and we’ll hopefully have it fixed so you can turn it in later.

I could return the quest but it had just an explanation mark above his head and he still does. And I can’t talk to him anymore. The player journal shows as first page (on the right side of the book) that I am done with the quest and that I still have to claim the reward. And the page is again shown on the 3th page.

Is this the same quest that SourDeez mentioned, the Ravenous Redtail quest?


Also my game just froze again. The first time was when you said you did a soft reset. Did you do that just now too? And by frozen I mean really frozen. Game doesn’t repond to Windows anymore. (Like it is stuck in an infinate while loop somewhere)

(have to force quit the game to play again)

No that sounds like the issue we’ve been seeing previously, that’s a client-side bug as far as I can tell with Steam where it stops realizing Unity is sending data.

You can try updating to the SteamVR beta to see if that helps fix it.

I’m really starting to regret upgrading to Unity 5.6.2 :tired_face:

I see 1000x the debug line “UPdating hair style to 1, 1” in the output log I just sended you. Might be that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also don’t worry to early. I am the only person having this problem so far (in this test).

Ingame and noone else is including quest givers. rebooted and same ting. also my dragon is running around face height

Use the Return to Graveyard option, and see where that puts you.

There are definitely a few other people having the issue so I don’t think it’s just you.

The hair style thing just means you’re coming in range of other people (which is normal).

The weird thing about this is that like Unity itself is still chugging along just fine as far as I can tell when it happens. It’s just that SteamVR suddenly decides that it’s not and stops showing it or something.

rezed in the pvp area, ohhh new tree types